Saturday, October 28, 2006

450 Pin Press !

I never used to rest more than 4 days after a heavy workout or a meet...but after The USAPL meet I got some voice work and auditions I had to focus on..then I was in a "Lazy Bag".

So today, I went in to do heavy weights from 2.5 inches off the chest from a dead stop,no bench see if I had lost any strength after last Saturday's meet.
The cage was being used when I walked into the gym so --I warmed up with real benches 225 X 10 315 X 3 for 3 sets then one set of 335 X 3--lots of speed on the set in the cage, after the Foxette that was using it, was done with her 10 reps of 55 pounds for 6 sets of half squats..

I did another 3 @ 315 then went right to 3 reps @ 405--then 3 singles with 405..then I went up to 425+425+435+435 then 445 and 450..that indicates that the strength is still, I found it to be a good work out to feel the weights AND it puts me on track for a 'speed' day on Tues..and a 'shirt' day on Nov 4 at the Nancitizer gym..then I fly to Vegas for the WABDL Worlds 10 days later THEN lifting in the morning of the 15th at the Riviera..the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. has contacted me and will 'lift' just a bit on the bar so I might truely achieve that 534 Bench press I want there!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Human Potato 500 bench !!

Human Potato 500 bench

(click the 'purdy' writing above)

This is called Human potato benches 500 ! Here is my previously mentioned bench press in USAPL that was turned down on Saturday--I'm not trying to convince you that the judges were in error..I'm hoping my bulbous physique will land me a slot on TV's "America's Biggest Loser" next season !!

Jody Cranston Hands off the bar.
OH, the pix from Issaquah are up in case you read this "Blog" without coming FROM the power update page!

" Good PIX of USAPL teams "

Sunday, October 22, 2006

American Record,but........

I really already have the USAPL American record (dual citizen) for the 60 to 64 year old Bench Press somehow, in the quest to fix the records on the USAPL site ..they reverted 2 lifters back to another lifters number (451) --Rather than convince the powers that change it back to my 468 (it was up for 3 years on the site and in the books) I broke it yesterday at the Pacific Open by a whopping 2 pounds--yep--470 the biggest bench of the day !! I lifted 500 up twice but didn't satisfy the judges --first time I didn't say "mother may I" 2nd time my "hair was a mess"--ahh but a GREAT time was had by all !!--4 lifters from Canada, Nancy Carpenter,Mark Vezina,Myself and Jody Cranston did very well,Jody got best lifter in the deadlift category ! --Nancy Got all her lifts and 1st place PLUS Mark was in his usual winning form to impress the USA crowd !
The Alaska team was coached by USAPL President Lawrence Maile,Harriet Hall and Priscilla Ribic what a precise and impressive power machine they are !!
highlight for me was to see Debra Farrell bench 380 in the womens super class...she also did 425 but the judges thought her 'socks didn't match her singlet' that, of course being a very important new IPF rule !
Truly a GREAT Time !!!
all my sarcasm aside !

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Speed bench before Pacific USAPL meet !

Today I used blue bands for the bench press to resist--225 X 4 for 4 sets.. 295 X 3 for 4 sets then 315 X 3 for 2 sets..then singles with 335,355 and shirt,of course it's light day! I wound down with 225 for 20 reps as fast as I could with no bands..did the work in 26 minutes (I'm usually 'pokier' than that )

My main focus was getting my feet planted securely and my form set up..It was 'bang on' today !! a good sign that my goal of beating the American record in the Bench press (60 to 64 SuperLumpyWeight) will happen..we'll lift in calibrated pounds,they're filing the weights down now...

I'll open with 475 go to 505 then 510 or 520 for a final attempt...remember,judges in IPF affiliated meets are extra meticulous,especially when judging a record attempt !

Lifting is at the Issaquah Holiday Inn 9 am Saturday Oct.21...The Heavier attempts should be in this flight, till 11 or noon..then the novice,raw and Special O. categories will fill the afternoon slot !

Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Track for Pacific Power !

Yesterday was a heavy day and a tune up for next weeks meet in the Seattle area..There, I have a goal of upping the USAPL American record to a minimum of 474 pounds--but my real goal is to get 501 beaten in strict IPF that the American record will be higher than the IPF World real joy is lifting the heaviest I can in WABDL meets,but some say it's more credible to get an IPF record lift to your credit..before lifting for fun and the BIGGER I tuned up by doing that 474 yesterday in the gym --holding out the weight for a long 'start' signal...a pause..and a complete smooth finish and rack signal...good lift...then 222.5 KGS--same deal, good lift--then 501 lbs --same IPF type butt lift--no rings showing..a good and strong I'm on track for the meet ..I need to do just as well or better to meet the goal! My lifting bud, Nancy,tuned up her lifts and seems to be stronger every week..she will be a good contender for gold in her class and to judge by this workout, we should be very well prepared come Saturday !

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to those Bands !

Speed stuff HAD to be done--so I did light weights with doubled purple bands--little more of a challenge than the 'blues'straight on--this is bench work of course, starting with 225X4 X4 sets then 275X3 for 5 sets..that killed the tri's like it's sposed to! good workout--lotsa change up on my "speed lift" days!

I'm Doing another heavy shirt day on Saturday--this time I'll do 474 or so for a perfect style IPF type lift --big pause etc. --then I'll use a torqued Katana shirt to try big weights WITH the best form I can...getting ready to break the American Bench Only record (masters 60+)..lots of national judges will be in this lift will be the one where I try to get the American record Higher than the IPF WORLD record..exciting!! People like Priscilla Ribic --Harriet Hall--Larry Maile --Bull Stewart--Martin Beavers--Paula Houston will be there to help and judge, as well as masters champ Richard Schuller !!--for those of you who have lost track --the meet is at the Issaquah Wa. Holiday Inn --9am Saturday Oct.21---I'll be the "Wolfman Jack meets the Michelin man" Look alike Oh Yeah !!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Yeah, I did Heavy bench day yesterday to that in a minute...I should've gone to the IPF Masters Worlds in Texas...19 or more countries were there..some of my good friends AND aquaintances from both Canada and USA medaled and lifted proudly--But I opted at the last minute to do the WABDL Worlds (Nov. Vegas instead, due to shortness o'funds)...well the winner of the masters 3 supers (my class) did a piss poor total..and Heyman from the USA Bombed..Giant Andy Kerr didn't show!! To refresh you, I've totaled 1540 in AWPC this year --and my lowest total in IPF has been 30 KILOS OVER the winning total yesterday in Killeen..and MY low total was on a day when I token squatted and tokened in the deadlift (and was OFF with only 479 in the bench) so I woulda won and shoulda gone...picked THE wrong time to stay instincts failed me on this one..still happier than hell with my WABDL and AWPC & GPC World recdords this year tho...

Yesterday I benched in training for the Pacific Open in Issaquah (Seattle area) it'll be IPF sanction so I have to hone my form..I did a test on a newly acquired Katana Shirt..and got one 524 up and one not so 'up' (needed small help from spotter Bruce on it)-Jury sez --shirt is good just have to torque it more..
will probably use a different shirt for the meet..a less 'powerful' work out was--

raw, 225 X5 295X5 335X4 335X1-355X1 --
shirt 440 484 507 524 524 (f)
bands(reverse)3's and 4's to varied poundages 400 to 480 4 or 5 sets..felt good !!

Best lifter of the day in our training was Nancy --who did her goal in IPF style 176 pounds 3 judged perfect style.

And Wow !!! Bruce did a rep down set --with reverse bands on --of 225 for 52 reps !!! 52 !!! Damn !!
We hit another heavy shirted day Saturday Next...I'll concentrate on 'form'

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This oughta hold me !

Today I hit the gym with the idea of doing the ballistic speed bench with is with some light workouts I say "Naw--too boring--I'll catch up with that closer to the weeks of the meet" but, since that is the work that should be done I kept the speed aspect on the bar as my main goal..just the absense of bands--and some heavier I benched 225 FAST for 2 sets of 4--275- 2 sets of 4 --keeping the emphasis on getting the bar going fast..then 4 sets of 3 reps with 315...Here,I managed to get the weight moving faster than 315 ever has for me..then I did 335 for 3 reps then singles of 355 365 and 375 --then one 'down' set of 3X315 with LONG Pauses..that was it ..light day.

With the USAPL meet in mind I tried to keep my feet flat on the floor with no blocks or plates..hmm..the closest I got was one foot very flat and the other hovering a bit..I'm in the market for some Frankenstein shoes in the next 2 weeks..last 2 IPF affiliated meets I used BIG blocks and my butt arched up off the bench...I may just have to use small plates and NOT arch..I could still get a lot of weight up..but that would make this meet more of a 'demo' to prove I can tow the line..and it may mean I dont lift anywhere where lifting on the toes isn't legal..that really works for me.

Saturday I lift BIG and dial in the form to get more along the lines of the IPF style I'm keeping an eye out meantime on how the IPF Master's Worlds meet in Killeen Tx is going ...last I heard it was --'lifters 6 --Armadillos 3'--