Thursday, June 28, 2007

Animation I made !

I'm trying some things out on Blogger here, one is to see if embedding videos really works...why ?
so when I get some good lift vids..I can put them up in a easier here is my wrestler take-off (sound on)--I put it up on CBC Exposure's site to see if I could get some of my humor on TV--anyway here goes !

from now on more silly stuff, just needed to test the process !--heavy day on Saturday...much big weight to be lifted !

Sunday, June 24, 2007

550 heavy shirt day !

Today --I went to fix what might have been a few glitches in my technique at the Olympia meet
..I was keeping a close watch on lockouts today....were the heavy shirted lifts smooth? or did they tend to look weak...OR..was there an elbow unlock and re-lock ??--Both Terry Luers and Don James said my lockout with my 2 534's looked tough at the after my usual warm up RAW, I had Bruce and Nancy apply my Katana and I got 462 507 529 and 550...all of these had very good lockouts...why the difference? --I just was not as deflated as I was at the meet...therefore every weight was harder at the contest...this is the same effect I had in Chilliwack LAST year....lost a bit of water weight before the meet...and the fit of the shirt was different from my 'anything goes' training both these contests I lifted the weights..BUT not with convincingly strong form and remedy is to hit my weight class 2 weeks before a meet...have the same strength and fit of equipment as I do during the training prep.

Hey look ! Blogger allows you to upload photos right from your computer without posting them somewhere else up top is a character I made using the program ZBrush...the guy was modeled using a mouse and spheres in the art software from Pixologic...took me awhile to learn to model like that,but ZBrush is a very intuitive stuff....but,yeah, you're right...he doesn't have very far to pull that deadlift !

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes I make ME so Mad !

Instead of talking about the August 11th meets..I should be a non lazy man and give you the urls and info straight out!

Go to the entry blank ABOVE for The Seattle WABDL beach ...classic, it has all the details!

Here's Calgary's CPO BIG BENCH News

The CPO is hosting its first "Bench Bash for Cash" - "GOLDEN ARCH"
. It is going to be a bench only meet. It'll take place in Calgary on August 10-11, 2007. Estimated total of cash awards and valuable prizes - $3000-5000. There also will be powerlifting gear, nutritional supplies awarded to medalists. The most importanly, this meet will be the WPO qualifier! USA, Russian, and Ukrainian lifters are expected. Meet director - Andrey Butenko @ Check our Contests page for more information and the entry form.

And here is a good one ALSO on Aug 11, in Beautiful Kelowna BC !
via a note from BCPA President
Justin Gray.

I am pleased to announce that the BC Summer Open is scheduled to take place Saturday, August 11 in Kelowna. More details to follow at:

Kim Dennis will be the meet director for this contest.

There ! now I'm not mad at me anymore for being lazy...also I did speed/band day work with 245X4 for 10 fast sets against the BIG Blue bands...then 315 for 6 heavy shirt day --Sunday...WABDL judges found my lockouts tentative @ OLY --so I'll work on it !

(photo by Repulsitude industries...home of the original 8X10 "GROSSY" )

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heavy day @ Kits

It was my first day back at the gym today...But,on Tuesday I did a token workout (speed day) on my Solo Flex this was just to feel some top end springiness...300 pounds of bands, do replicate in a small way..a light barbell and bands resisting the weight...but,I only use that option in a can provide a good burn.

Today I slid a bench into the squat rack and put the safety bars at chest height and warmed up...did 315 for 4 then did 405 from a dead stop (pin press style) for 3 singles ...last one was kinda hard...put on small purples from the top of the rack and did 3 singles with 455....then I did a switch to blue bands and did 500 for 2 reps...then 520 for 3 Tri's felt it,and I figured that was a pretty good "lay off" week comeback...Altho I keep mentioning wanting to do the CPO meet August 11th in Calgary looks like we will indeed take a bunch of lifters down to Bull Stewart and Richard Sculler's ALKI Beach Classic.....last year I lifted my butt off the bench...this year I've taken precautions so that wont happen !!--see above !

CPO meet Aug 11 Calgary--google WPC is there
ALKI go to WABDL dot org (sidebar here)
Kelowna see CPU /BCPA sites for info

all on the same day !

Monday, June 11, 2007

Only 534 !! But a World Record anyway !

I really had the strength to do great things the week before the meet..but in attempting to lose a 'few' pounds of water to make my weight class limit..I lost 10 pounds --a bit more than where my 551's flew like the shirt was loose due to losing a smidge too much ...I got bad sleep the night before.
I found my warmups flat...I still wanted the 551--

The meet was 117 deep in one day --and there were 15 in the 54 to dead class (my FLIGHT) I won the 220 and UP best lifter sword out of that group..and the great George Nelson was there with a world record.

I had a bad day but exciting one--I missed the lockout of my 501 opener -panic !!!!--got my 2nd @501 (allows a 4th in wabdl if you get 2nd or 3rd ...) lifted the 534 for 3rd attempt BUT it was 2 reds one white--so in 3 minutes --YES 3 minutes --I took it over and got it as 4th attempt world record---this time 2 swords (geez---swords--weapons of intermediate destruction crossing the border?? ) so I lucked out only, lift offs from strangers who did a good job --but they wern't used to me and I wasn't expecting their style either but I feel fairly good about beating the climbing out of the the grace o' god...


Yes, there was PRESS and Rack Command but Nancy's voice was closer to the camera--thus we dont hear them..picture report on the main site in 2-3 days !

I'll get that 551 for ya next time !

Monday, June 04, 2007

556 Pin Press

Sunday was heavy day,no shirt work today,pin press at chest level,on a bench --I usually do mine on the I slid a bench into the squat rack,put the safety bars at 7 and slid under the bar..and arched up to touch that bar,that wasn't far of course..I warmed up with 265 for 7, 352 X 1 then 374 -396- 402- 407--I put the small purples on and went 418-440- then took the purple bands OFF and put on the Heavy Blues,remember,the bands arent stretched very far making me do more work than in the 'floor' position...continuing,I did 462-485-507 then to handle heavier weights I combined the bands (PURPS/ BLU'S) and finished with 534 and 551 which felt only medium hard...

So, I tried 556 and it went up solidly!!

and the muscles of the day felt worked hard--today my lats really feel it..pushing the bar from a dead stop is, I think,good for building power off the chest --it can be hard on the shoulders,but as you see,I do primarily maybe that de-stresses mine somewhat.

Nancy tried her 2 shirts to see what would come down..and her single Titan wont let her PR down..she has a bad back and cant arch up to it..or she would be lifting ..touching a lot we tried her 2 ply Inzer..It let 198 down..that is a PR and a WABDL Canadian record...BUT she'll have to OPEN with it..I've warned her of the bombers club..but she's all gung ho (Don's younger Brother) to try it--the only weight Nancy couldn't do yesterday was 227 POUNDS --I needed to start it off the chest for her--then she lifted it well..she seems to be stronger than I think opening with a PR for her, wont be that much of a problem (altho I wont be doing it )

I'm driving down to Olympia Friday morning and unfortunately,no one can fix my Benz--I have an 84 Turbo Diesel..who's heater has been stuck ON for a year now--when I do short drives it's easy just to roll down the windows.. but Friday,driving thru the Seattle megalopolis--clear past Tackymama to OLY, will be a hot mechanics say the 'heater on' syndrome in that model was a 'failsafe' so people wouldn't freeze to death in cold climates if ANYTHING went out in climate far no one can fix it...yep I thought of saying "un plug it" --it doesn't unplug--take out the fuse--that WONT, if I'm over weight for my class --the drive down will puddle me away into my wt. class..HAH ! oh well...I tried,just spent $336.00 to NOT fix it..sheesh...BUT the only problem with Benz Diesels is that glitch and the constant fear that some numbnuts is going to steal your hood ornament !