Sunday, June 24, 2007

550 heavy shirt day !

Today --I went to fix what might have been a few glitches in my technique at the Olympia meet
..I was keeping a close watch on lockouts today....were the heavy shirted lifts smooth? or did they tend to look weak...OR..was there an elbow unlock and re-lock ??--Both Terry Luers and Don James said my lockout with my 2 534's looked tough at the after my usual warm up RAW, I had Bruce and Nancy apply my Katana and I got 462 507 529 and 550...all of these had very good lockouts...why the difference? --I just was not as deflated as I was at the meet...therefore every weight was harder at the contest...this is the same effect I had in Chilliwack LAST year....lost a bit of water weight before the meet...and the fit of the shirt was different from my 'anything goes' training both these contests I lifted the weights..BUT not with convincingly strong form and remedy is to hit my weight class 2 weeks before a meet...have the same strength and fit of equipment as I do during the training prep.

Hey look ! Blogger allows you to upload photos right from your computer without posting them somewhere else up top is a character I made using the program ZBrush...the guy was modeled using a mouse and spheres in the art software from Pixologic...took me awhile to learn to model like that,but ZBrush is a very intuitive stuff....but,yeah, you're right...he doesn't have very far to pull that deadlift !


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