Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday's Velocity.

Yesterday I spent one hour doing speed bench 225 /245 light stuff, for my 4 rep-12 set BLUE BAND work...then I did 315 X3 335 X 2 355+ 365 --I tried to keep lots of speed on the reps --my 7th set went the,floor presses on Saturday--I look to add a small amount on that Raw exercise!

The CPO National's happened over the weekend in Toronto...thru the grapevine,I hear Tony Tomra our BC athlete...broke the 90 KILO World masters records in the AWPC
(Drug Tested version of the WPC) I think that makes him king of 2 weight classes world wide..Tony might check in and tell his numbers,but you remember he was overworked ,sleep deprived and dieting down at the last minute..and he still came out victorious !!

Bert Merriman was sleep deprived too..but judged the weekends world breaking lifts and noted that CPO squats are way deeper than APF squats..and since many lifters who were trying out the CPO,are also CPU Lifters ..they kept their depth...Bert Lifted RAW on Sunday and did Canadian records across the board with 180 150 230 KILOS--of course you know that is "coasting' for Bert...I hope the Canada WPC site will publish the score sheet soon ..I hear there were numerous New WORLD marks set by our lifters...


On the way to the 'dentalsman' today..I was waltzing down broadway..and there was an "OPENING SOON" was for TRANSYLVANIA TASTE restaurant...let me tell you, it is in the space previously occupied by the WILD GARLIC Restaurant---that is so ironic...we know TRANSYLVANIA is known for the legend of vampires...and we know WILD GARLIC repels how in the world is this NOT going to end up on crazy factoids on Letterman,Leno or even better ...Ferguson !!

Hello, I'm Bela,I'll be your waiter tonite...can I get you a bloody Mary to start?

"I'm glad you stopped in for a bite"

Here's our Alucard menu (ala carte)
(Count Alucard --was in a B movie vampire movie,in which we discover Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards)

"You'll just go batty..tonite, we have a great trio playing...."What music they children of the night!!" (line from 30's Dracula movie)

"good, you chose the RED wine...I prefer the RED myself!"

"How do you want that steak...oh, that made me nervous...I thought I said 'stake'--rare--medium--or in a glass??? with a straw?'

I tried all these dopey ass bits out on my dentist..and when he was cleaning me up after the severe stuff he did (2000 reps with the 'Cavitron' to under my gums)
..he quipped

"By the looks of your mouth've already HAD a Taste of Transylvania"


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert I had a great weekend I had a little trouble making weight but it worked out There was a lot of very good lifting last weekend records were falling left and right The atmosphere was great, the music was loud, and I think everyone was having a great time which really helped me get a good performance. My numbers were down a bit not surprising as I had lost weight but I managed a awpc world record 322kg squat a awpc/wpc world record 235 bench my deads sucked as usual but I ended up with a awpc world record 817.5 total and 817.5 also gives me my first elite total I didn't have allot of confidence going into this meet but I've had good results before when training didn't go as planed which gave me hope between hope and a little faith the meet went well I even got out to see Niagara falls on Sunday evening any way hopefully we'll see you soon

4:35 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Tony, That is Great Lifting !!
Outstanding performance --and under the circumstances it's even more amazing !!
ELITE and exceeding not only the AWPC BUT the WPC marks as well..That is incredible !

I really want to make that Bench meet Andrey is holding in we may get to visit then...I appreciate you checking in and letting us know your good news !

I think you deserve a magazine cover for that total..if you have photo's send em to PL USA (that's how ya get em in there, ya know,really,people have asked me HOW I get in the mag?--heh heh start by doing something --then sending pix of it )

Thanks for repping BC in the 2nd CPO nats !!

really proud O' ya !!

5:18 PM  

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