Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quickening !

Went for speed day in the bench,altho busy, did 12 quick sets--225 and 245 with bands for 4 reps to 6 sets then 315 X 3 for 4 sets --that might be a mistake,Louie's template says speed before poundage on this day..and altho each rep only took a second...that felt too slow..the only thing I 'kicked up' today was,the time I rested between sets was very quick so the workout only took 16 or 17's a prelude to a heavy shirt day on Saturday..I think I'll not use the 315's with bands..they really dont move as fast as they should and I dont want to put the cart before the hearse...last 2 sets were singles with 355 and 375 --not too fast on those...that's beginning to be on the heavy feeling side.

Good Luck to Tony Tomra from BC in this weekend's CPO National's in Toronto I'm sure we'll be astounded by the report on this meet..huge numbers and stellar performances are expected !!

Wish I was going..but alas,I wont compete again til June..

Had a gig Tuesday
I voiced a "PIZZA 73" campaign, 3 ads..selling their "Wedgies" yes,we make fun of the high school variety of Wedgies...funny spots with killer sound effects..wedgies are little pizza like wedges..with garlic,cheese,spices and dip...yes the ads brag; "Wedgies are for Dips"
and 'ENJOY a Wedgie... for a change'...I like doing these sorts of ads ! it's like bein a comic again.


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert I don't know about astounded I took on to much in the last while two classes at the collage with research due and finals in the last couple of weeks
didn't train the last week of march first week of April because work fired a guy and my cross shift was on holidays, so I had to work 80 hrs over time plus my job plus afternoon class this left me burnt out I just got off weekend shift, after doing this shift for the last 8 years you wouldn't believe how happy this makes me. On the down side I just worked 7 12 and 10 hour shifts straight plus I get off work at 3 am on Friday and fly out at 6 am Oh and I'm also going to try to get into the 90k class So I'm not expecting much this meet I decided 3 weeks ago just to go and have fun I think I'm going to stay in the 90K class so this meet will be a great training tool. mmmm pizza

12:43 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Gawd !! Tony what a schedule--and I guess Life does get in the way of 'powerlifting bliss' after all..I cant believe you are gonna tough this one out...I really feel like a baby now,skipping it only due to 'going conservative on the checkbook' because of fluctuating fortune via freelance voice (a tough market--due to the fact that there are too many good voice actors out there..we all get to work 5 times a year :-D "kinda" ) My training was only REALLY good in bench I was conservative in the travel spending this time around and will be kicking myself all weekend for chickening out...

Anyway..many times when training and work gang up on us

--that gives us super determination--to conquer the circumstances..

I'll be thinking of you ..and I have a feeling you'll be a world beater there !!

your dedication is Heroic !


3:26 PM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

i know waiting is hard. but by june,think about how much stronger you will be.than you are already.luv you

4:07 PM  

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