Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday's Heavy work!

Yesterday I did the usual Heavy Alternate routine..
That's the Bench day that I do pin presses from the safety bars in the squat rack..on the floor pushing from a dead stop,bar just barely at, or above chest height..315X4 405X2 405 425 435 435 440 440 440 (singles)Then as a change up in the routine I did reverse band lifts with only the weaker "Purples" hanging from the top of the rack in that lift I was only able to manage 500X2 500X2 500X2 then 515 515 515--the reverse band lifts were done with extra long 'holds' at the top..and a near negative lift -return to the pins..

The gym had only one slightly odd event...2 doofuses thought that jumping rope was appropriate in the "Heavy area" actually,I spose they cant read my mind and dont realize that I've deemed the squat rack/bench press/row bar/leg press/ area--THE--heavy area...anyway,they were bulky guys and doing a very precise boxer training type rope skip..and seemed to go for 5 minutes straight..I wondered if the whirring blade of jump rope or the tappy tap of the feet was bugging me...OR...the fact that I couldn't do as well with a jump rope and was just being jealous of their ability?

Then, a rather lovely,very fit young woman came to 'talk all things rope' with the two...she looked like a fitness instructor,someone very well versed in "FIT" so when she took the rope to have a turn..I expected her to out dance the two guys...nope !! she couldn't keep the rope going for even 10 seconds at a time...she ended in a tangle..over and over...what's odd about that??? Isn't jump rope expertise a Gal thing???--I always thought it was...funny...I guess I was just "profiling"


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