Saturday, February 17, 2007

507 and some good Band work !

Did a shirt rep with 507 easy and flawless--nice pause, no butt-liftidity...only 2 shirt reps today( 462+507 )...just needed to feel the heavy weight...later I did a reverse band rep with 529--those were the heavy reps today..
The 'raws' were good too...295 X 6...315 X 4...335 X 2...355 X 1..375 X 1 375 X 1..

In the reverse band workout we did lots of heavy reps and left the workout with some decent poundage was a perfect workout to end the week...

I feel the 'limbo' thing happnin' again where I dont have a contest on the horizon..actually there are 3 really good ones next month..but either schedule or budget makes doing them iffy..I have to get myself in gear for a 3 lift meet in May tho'--hmm Goody!.. strength AND burning more calories...Man, do I need that !!


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