Sunday, February 04, 2007

530 WABDL World Record !!

520 Bench Press

That's my 2nd attempt in Issaquah Yesterday --I went on to 530 to beat the current WR ...Poor Robert O. Smith I beat his record by ONE pound..oh wait that's me..good thing I looked at the name written on my underwear...

Our BC team lifted smoothly and precisely..With a First place in the bench press by Nancy Carpenter--a first place in bench only for me--and 2 first places for Jody Cranston.

My pals and helpers, Nancy and Jody, are actually getting a FAN CLUB in Washington state meets!

there will be MORE when I update my power web page-look for the pictures and story in a few days !!

Thanks to Richard Schuller and Bull Stewart for a great meet !!



Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert great lifting as usual.
Went over to your web site looks good. Tried to get on it yesterday and couldn't but it's all good now. So what is the next meet for you, are going to Bruce Grieg's meet in march? I'm going to try and make the meet in Toronto in May. Just checked this morning and there is finally a seat sale for May

6:44 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

HEY !! Tony !!
I'm considering the Bruce Grieg meet..and really dont want to miss the nationals..but I've got a flurry of things goin thru my mind..that make it hard to nail down my plans..but thanks for the heads up on the seat sale !!that would make it more realistic for me--plus I HAVE to get back to 3 lift training !! thanks for the note --I really appreciate it !!

8:56 AM  

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