Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday Speed stuff !

It does feel good to take a rest from the bands resisting the light weights on 'speed' day--but it feels WAY better to go back to them after that 3 week rest..that last resistance to push thru is a great feeling to experience again...yesterday I attached the heavy blue bands to the bottom of the bench posts and did a routine, but fast workout getting new velocity on the bar--
225 X 6 X2 245X4 X 7 then 315X1 335X1 355X1 365X1 --the heavier weights arent part of a prescribed "light" speed work day..but I add them in to keep a eye on my raw lift--if these are light feeling..I know my RAW bench is closer to my pin press PR than these small percentages of my max..

FORMAT violation--Vancouver has,since I've lived here, had a tradition of ONE big hurkin storm a far,BC has had 14 storms and Vancouver proper 4 wind storms ,2 snows and one big thunder bolt that shook major parts of the town --our sports stadium has a hole blown in it--and 2 + million bucks worth of damage (trees-land errosion etc.)--Meanwhile, Seattle has been hit by much the same thing only add what's my point? is it the Arm and Leg a-gedden?? no, I'm actually concerned because I want the hex to clear by February 2nd when i have to travel to Issaquah for the Feb3 WABDL tread is getting pretty worn on the ol Mercruddee's---geez --
entry fee
--now tires maybe?--
I think Powerlifting has just become a rich man's sport for me..

does anyone have a 10 second 'tag' for me to read?
I'm real good at:

"Starts Wednesday at a theater near you !"


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