Sunday, December 17, 2006

My so called Heavy Day !

Today I did pin presses in Kits center, here I have a rack that puts the bar 2.5 inches above my chest..Last week at Nancie's gym I tried floor presses at chest,I now have 2 height criteria to get PR's for in this exercise,at Kit's my best is 450 from a dead stop one far at Nancies 420 has yet to fall (it WILL in the next training session tho ) no bench shirt on these movements of course.

My Son Zach was up from Seattle yesterday and during early holiday dinner..I drank with great abandon,funny how we always blame the holiday season for giving us license for that..anyway,I felt that the alcohol would hamper me today so I took my heavy day carefully..I did not want to prove booze would take 15 pound off my PR so --I lifted 'around' it..
starting with 405X3 405X2 405X2 then 425X2 435 435 435 435 --the 435's went like they always do --but yet I wasn't going to risk missing a normal BIG weight by trying it I let it felt like a good workout,one from which I will recover from quickly!

Just heard from Jody Cranston,who,with the flu that had him VERY ill..competed yesterday in the USAPL Fife Christmas meet in Washinton usual, Jody won his division but the illness made him leave behind 30 pounds less than his best bench and 50 less than his best deadlift ! Wow !! That is one dedicated guy to compete and WIN ! and no,it wasn't in the "I just escaped from the hospital" division either..Jody is looking to get a 380 bench and a 600 deadlift this year..will he do it?? YES !! he definately will!!

In news of the impossible..Gene Rychlak has just benched 1010 in the APF the video starts out very dark then when he gets the handoff of the weight..neato!! the lights come on..he takes it down..gets the signal..and pushes it right does go un even BUT both arms lock at the same time so it is INDEED a GOOD lift..the most ever !!

No, not single ply
no, not picky 'asswipe' judging
no,possibly not drug free !

But an astounding feat of strength and bravery !
way to go Gene !! this is the all time biggest bench AMAZING !
"Click on BIG Gene's 1010"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Enjoying reading the blogs when I get the chance, but what is "picky ass-wipe judging"? I've never heard that term before.

Hope '07 is a good for you on the platform!

Chris R

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again Robert,

Just realized that previous post of mine could be taken negatively....not my intent (in case you wondered LOL)!

All the best in '07
(Say hello to Bert M. when you see him..thanks!)


2:41 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

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5:10 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

OOOPS !!! I got caught--didn't I?? I have egg on my fez and the yolks on me...didn't think anyone locally breezed past my little wig bubbles --I am complimented that you're here..
Chris, you know me...I kinda prefer .."Lift the weight..GET the lift" type contests...not too strict..and not too loose...and in prefering the climate of a WABDL,AAU,WDFPF type contest I still fall into the category of thinking North American IPF style judging is really strict to the point of judging the tiniest flaw..but I will continue from time to time to compete IPF...especially looking to 2008 masters worlds in Palm Springs..meanwhile,being an old guy..I want to get some HUGE records in WABDL etc... so,when I jokingly write my blogs I go for humor and a 'little' truth from my standpoint---and 'Picky ass wipe judging' wasn't a nice thing to say rings true to a few of us who over think our meet lifts because we're 2nd guessing the judges...ha ha from now on I'll go back to the term STRICT judging...which will make ME look like less of an ass...I'll send your regards to Bert Merriman..he hold you in high regard..and speaks of the good ol' days in BC alot..Hi to Wendy!too !

maybe see ya at the Jan 28th meet !
mr.potty mouth robo

11:00 AM  

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