Saturday, November 04, 2006

512 Bench press on "shirt day"

.....Well, that's NOT what I wanted...512...but I know what happened, the sleeves of the shirt have loosened and have "Un-torqued" causing the neckline of the Katana to creep up,thus not storing rebound in the same manner it does when it's on problem,caused by cutting the sleeves off and not Tightening the subsequent, I'll still aim for a record breaker in Las Vegas in just 11 more days..I know I have a 534 on a 'perfect' day..One odd thing 'kinda like an omen' or coincidence..the last week while watching TV..documentaries and TV shows Based in Las Vegas are flashing archive footage...and the Riviera is always included (our venue) odd,normally New trendier Hotels are featured in shows...due to the 'New Vegas' being what we're used to...gosh, the Riviera beckons I guess...Today I warmed up doing raw 135 X 12--225 X 3 335 355 and 375 before I put the shirt on...then I did 440 485 --the re torqued the sleeves for 512...actually i could tell the 're-torque' didn't take..then we tried 529 (got this in a meet remember,sept 23,see archives) It went up half way and Bruce had to give me some small assistance to finish it off..when we took the shirt off we had proof the sleeve twisting had 'un twisted' Then we all went to reverse bands...3 and 4 reps with 7 sets 360 380 424 440 462 485--the 7th set was without the bands a raw 265 for 12 reps...good work out...I'm packing my bags tonite..and checking on em ...the night before I's been so long since I bought my plane ticket...I hope my flight is still a non stop !
and it's a Tuesday so I might get more business types than YAHOO-ers!--on weekend flights you get lots of 'cowboy hats and lapel stickers that say MY Name is Bubba"


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