Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to those Bands !

Speed stuff HAD to be done--so I did light weights with doubled purple bands--little more of a challenge than the 'blues'straight on--this is bench work of course, starting with 225X4 X4 sets then 275X3 for 5 sets..that killed the tri's like it's sposed to! good workout--lotsa change up on my "speed lift" days!

I'm Doing another heavy shirt day on Saturday--this time I'll do 474 or so for a perfect style IPF type lift --big pause etc. --then I'll use a torqued Katana shirt to try big weights WITH the best form I can...getting ready to break the American Bench Only record (masters 60+)..lots of national judges will be in Issaquah..so this lift will be the one where I try to get the American record Higher than the IPF WORLD record..exciting!! People like Priscilla Ribic --Harriet Hall--Larry Maile --Bull Stewart--Martin Beavers--Paula Houston will be there to help and judge, as well as masters champ Richard Schuller !!--for those of you who have lost track --the meet is at the Issaquah Wa. Holiday Inn --9am Saturday Oct.21---I'll be the "Wolfman Jack meets the Michelin man" Look alike Oh Yeah !!


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