Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This oughta hold me !

Today I hit the gym with the idea of doing the ballistic speed bench with bands..as is with some light workouts I say "Naw--too boring--I'll catch up with that closer to the weeks of the meet" but, since that is the work that should be done I kept the speed aspect on the bar as my main goal..just the absense of bands--and some heavier weight...so I benched 225 FAST for 2 sets of 4--275- 2 sets of 4 --keeping the emphasis on getting the bar going fast..then 4 sets of 3 reps with 315...Here,I managed to get the weight moving faster than 315 ever has for me..then I did 335 for 3 reps then singles of 355 365 and 375 --then one 'down' set of 3X315 with LONG Pauses..that was it ..light day.

With the USAPL meet in mind I tried to keep my feet flat on the floor with no blocks or plates..hmm..the closest I got was one foot very flat and the other hovering a bit..I'm in the market for some Frankenstein shoes in the next 2 weeks..last 2 IPF affiliated meets I used BIG blocks and my butt arched up off the bench...I may just have to use small plates and NOT arch..I could still get a lot of weight up..but that would make this meet more of a 'demo' to prove I can tow the line..and it may mean I dont lift anywhere where lifting on the toes isn't legal..that really works for me.

Saturday I lift BIG and dial in the form to get more along the lines of the IPF style bench...plus I'm keeping an eye out meantime on how the IPF Master's Worlds meet in Killeen Tx is going ...last I heard it was --'lifters 6 --Armadillos 3'--


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