Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Notes on the Aberdeen meet !

Bench Bozo

In a day or so my personal website will be updated
and some pictures of the Washington State Powerlifting Championships will be up..In the scrolling format of pictures and captions there isn't much space for details..so I'll give you a few behind the scene notes here...The APF Meet was well run and pretty hardcore..there was a 950 Squat posted Saturday,the form ranged from lifters who were meeting Strict USAPL style depth to..People who hit perfect bare minimum 'break parallel' APF Rule book squats..and then there were some of those iffy high squats you hear about...some high squats did squeak by..but in TOTAL the judging was good and the APF meet was fast and exciting..The WABDL Push pull had more contestants and very good judging...in the Bench press,Donna Delleree would wait for the bar to be solid on the chest before giving the press command..and never once in the day did she get distracted and give an over long pause..head judges like her make bench pressing a dream! I hope the announcement that she is retiring as a judge is false because with Donna in the head chair you know the calls will be letter perfect,and PR's and WR's are possible !
Don Bell put on a great barbeque at the Timber Gym after the meet for 120 ravenous lifters ..Man what a meet !
Now to the trend in trophies...altho I really dont care for swords and pick axes and spears as trophies ..I love the idea that some feds. are getting creative and giving out this "ART" as awards tho,because it means they're forging new ground,even if people like me say "What the hell is this?" we end up "Getting it "
I have a gallery worthy statue,a poster of high quality, framable art depicting Neptunes daughter holding the very SPEAR that was given away as the top award..that is surreal on a 2D and 3D level !! first the picture then it comes to life and stands proudly in the corner of my room!


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