Monday, September 25, 2006

529 WABDL World record !

I'd been training carefully to get a big Bench before WABDL WORLD's in Vegas...and Aberdeen Washington was the spot..I used my Katana shirt and hit a 501 a 512 and a World record 529 Pounds in the bench press at 63 years old...Later,I was told that the head judge, Donna Delleree said I looked like I was sandbagging...So it looks like I'll have to get ready for 534 to 540 for November...I travelled to this dual federation meet, APF and WABDL, with Jody Cranston he got a 364 bench Canadian Record and a 551 Deadlift...there was some amazing lifting there it was a great 2 day event..with a squat as heavy as 950 credited on the APF side...Don Bell was the meet director and Legends Gus Rethwisch and Brent Mikesell were there to oversee the event,these are 2 of the greats in powerlifting and it is great to see these inspiring giants in our midst!
"My 529 Bench-click it" (That is an altered GIF animation, the real movie --with a legal pause will be posted when I can get it sent to me) My old lifting blog site has been undependable lately so it's fired ..this is the new one..and Aberdeen Pics and more info will be up on my main site in a few days !


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