Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Yeah, I did Heavy bench day yesterday to that in a minute...I should've gone to the IPF Masters Worlds in Texas...19 or more countries were there..some of my good friends AND aquaintances from both Canada and USA medaled and lifted proudly--But I opted at the last minute to do the WABDL Worlds (Nov. Vegas instead, due to shortness o'funds)...well the winner of the masters 3 supers (my class) did a piss poor total..and Heyman from the USA Bombed..Giant Andy Kerr didn't show!! To refresh you, I've totaled 1540 in AWPC this year --and my lowest total in IPF has been 30 KILOS OVER the winning total yesterday in Killeen..and MY low total was on a day when I token squatted and tokened in the deadlift (and was OFF with only 479 in the bench) so I woulda won and shoulda gone...picked THE wrong time to stay instincts failed me on this one..still happier than hell with my WABDL and AWPC & GPC World recdords this year tho...

Yesterday I benched in training for the Pacific Open in Issaquah (Seattle area) it'll be IPF sanction so I have to hone my form..I did a test on a newly acquired Katana Shirt..and got one 524 up and one not so 'up' (needed small help from spotter Bruce on it)-Jury sez --shirt is good just have to torque it more..
will probably use a different shirt for the meet..a less 'powerful' work out was--

raw, 225 X5 295X5 335X4 335X1-355X1 --
shirt 440 484 507 524 524 (f)
bands(reverse)3's and 4's to varied poundages 400 to 480 4 or 5 sets..felt good !!

Best lifter of the day in our training was Nancy --who did her goal in IPF style 176 pounds 3 judged perfect style.

And Wow !!! Bruce did a rep down set --with reverse bands on --of 225 for 52 reps !!! 52 !!! Damn !!
We hit another heavy shirted day Saturday Next...I'll concentrate on 'form'


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