Saturday, October 28, 2006

450 Pin Press !

I never used to rest more than 4 days after a heavy workout or a meet...but after The USAPL meet I got some voice work and auditions I had to focus on..then I was in a "Lazy Bag".

So today, I went in to do heavy weights from 2.5 inches off the chest from a dead stop,no bench see if I had lost any strength after last Saturday's meet.
The cage was being used when I walked into the gym so --I warmed up with real benches 225 X 10 315 X 3 for 3 sets then one set of 335 X 3--lots of speed on the set in the cage, after the Foxette that was using it, was done with her 10 reps of 55 pounds for 6 sets of half squats..

I did another 3 @ 315 then went right to 3 reps @ 405--then 3 singles with 405..then I went up to 425+425+435+435 then 445 and 450..that indicates that the strength is still, I found it to be a good work out to feel the weights AND it puts me on track for a 'speed' day on Tues..and a 'shirt' day on Nov 4 at the Nancitizer gym..then I fly to Vegas for the WABDL Worlds 10 days later THEN lifting in the morning of the 15th at the Riviera..the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. has contacted me and will 'lift' just a bit on the bar so I might truely achieve that 534 Bench press I want there!


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