Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Speed bench before Pacific USAPL meet !

Today I used blue bands for the bench press to resist--225 X 4 for 4 sets.. 295 X 3 for 4 sets then 315 X 3 for 2 sets..then singles with 335,355 and 375...no shirt,of course it's light day! I wound down with 225 for 20 reps as fast as I could with no bands..did the work in 26 minutes (I'm usually 'pokier' than that )

My main focus was getting my feet planted securely and my form set up..It was 'bang on' today !! a good sign that my goal of beating the American record in the Bench press (60 to 64 SuperLumpyWeight) will happen..we'll lift in calibrated pounds,they're filing the weights down now...

I'll open with 475 go to 505 then 510 or 520 for a final attempt...remember,judges in IPF affiliated meets are extra meticulous,especially when judging a record attempt !

Lifting is at the Issaquah Holiday Inn 9 am Saturday Oct.21...The Heavier attempts should be in this flight, till 11 or noon..then the novice,raw and Special O. categories will fill the afternoon slot !


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