Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Track for Pacific Power !

Yesterday was a heavy day and a tune up for next weeks meet in the Seattle area..There, I have a goal of upping the USAPL American record to a minimum of 474 pounds--but my real goal is to get 501 beaten in strict IPF that the American record will be higher than the IPF World real joy is lifting the heaviest I can in WABDL meets,but some say it's more credible to get an IPF record lift to your credit..before lifting for fun and the BIGGER I tuned up by doing that 474 yesterday in the gym --holding out the weight for a long 'start' signal...a pause..and a complete smooth finish and rack signal...good lift...then 222.5 KGS--same deal, good lift--then 501 lbs --same IPF type butt lift--no rings showing..a good and strong I'm on track for the meet ..I need to do just as well or better to meet the goal! My lifting bud, Nancy,tuned up her lifts and seems to be stronger every week..she will be a good contender for gold in her class and to judge by this workout, we should be very well prepared come Saturday !


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