Sunday, October 22, 2006

American Record,but........

I really already have the USAPL American record (dual citizen) for the 60 to 64 year old Bench Press somehow, in the quest to fix the records on the USAPL site ..they reverted 2 lifters back to another lifters number (451) --Rather than convince the powers that change it back to my 468 (it was up for 3 years on the site and in the books) I broke it yesterday at the Pacific Open by a whopping 2 pounds--yep--470 the biggest bench of the day !! I lifted 500 up twice but didn't satisfy the judges --first time I didn't say "mother may I" 2nd time my "hair was a mess"--ahh but a GREAT time was had by all !!--4 lifters from Canada, Nancy Carpenter,Mark Vezina,Myself and Jody Cranston did very well,Jody got best lifter in the deadlift category ! --Nancy Got all her lifts and 1st place PLUS Mark was in his usual winning form to impress the USA crowd !
The Alaska team was coached by USAPL President Lawrence Maile,Harriet Hall and Priscilla Ribic what a precise and impressive power machine they are !!
highlight for me was to see Debra Farrell bench 380 in the womens super class...she also did 425 but the judges thought her 'socks didn't match her singlet' that, of course being a very important new IPF rule !
Truly a GREAT Time !!!
all my sarcasm aside !


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