Sunday, December 10, 2006

507 + Huge Volume !

I Put on a shirt yesterday and got a 507 bench press in contest form..I'm glad I didn't lose as much ground as I thought I had in the 18 day lay off...Last weeks heavy day had me so sore,that I wasn't recovered for my 'speed' workout--But I did it anyway on Wednesday,and was instantly sore again to an amazing "it hurts to do ANYTHING" degree..BUT after yesterday's heavy workout,today I am not sore at all and feel energized...The workout started with the usual warm ups 225 thru 365--then the shirt,a 440 a 462 then the 507..the bar felt heavy at the top so I thought I'd just be happy to be back in the 500 club so soon after my slothful ways...then we switched to reverse bands..I did about 6 sets to 3X 507 again ..then we did a huge amount of sets and reps in the floor press...I got to a 402 raw from chest essence a raw positive from a dead stop...then we added small purple bands..and the poundages for all of us (Myself, Nancy n' Bruce)went thru the roof..all in all, we put in more sets than we ever have in the bench workout..we varied our reps and poundages and had a terrific workout,giving me the feeling that I could produce a STRONG lift as early as next week,makes me wish I was going to Martin Drake's AAU meet in Vegas...but it's Holiday season and I have to try not to do a contest a least for awhile..meanwhile,I was offered a Santa Gig this week (turned it down) clever on the clients part, they wouldn't even have to pad the suit ! Ho Ho Ho !!


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