Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Can only imagine !!

TODAY in Vegas...The biggest day of lifting is happening at the WABDL Worlds...I imagine a 900 Bench will happen by Tiny Meeker..Mike Womack or Steve Wong...and some master is bound to push the heights of age vs gravity...what a day it will be..Still the hottest thing to happen is the 804 by 40 year old Jason Jackson on Thursday...he came so close to 826..he wears Titan shirts.

For me,I'm honored to speak about chiropractic and powerlifting at the big Canadian Chiropractic convention here in town...little nervous that my clownlike way of communicating might be a little over the top for doctors...

Why do I powerlift?
"it's my excuse to be a fat guy"
Are you drug free??
"yes,I havent even tried the prohormone Andro Celine Dion (Canadian pronunciation)I'm drug free for life..cept for coffee and wine..but my bench shirt can hold up an airplane "

The IPF is testing the stretchiness of our squat suits and bench shirts now..wouldn't want our 'clothes' doing all the work for us,would you?

Richard Schuller is the most generous of all meet directors..he sent EVERY contestant in the recent Pacific Open meet a surprise DVD of the days lifting..most would've offered it for 30 bucks...Richard just sent it along out of his own kind heart !! WOW !!!

Pictures of my day at the WABDL Worlds will be updated soon at my power update page...keep clickin'


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert just came from my chiropractor they said you did an awesome job they were interested in what you had to say as they see me a lot I gave them a little more info on you
any way small world

4:26 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Tony !!! That is wild --I knew it had to be every chiropractor in Canada...but little did I know yours would be there !! Wow !!
I sweat bullets over my little comic speech as I had to follow, Rick Hansen and the SURVIVOR winner from last year !!--It was good timing tho I came down with a 'cold' 2 seconds after I stepped off stage (flying back from Vegas--phlegm theatre) Now to see if I can sound right for the commecials I do tomorrow..trying NOT to sound like a 300 pound NOSE

3:54 PM  

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