Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sorry Honey, I can't get it ...down !

Just Back from the WABDL Worlds,it's still going on and the best is yet to come...Today, Jason Jackson did a single ply 800+ bench as a 40+ 240 pound master !!--and it's only day 2 !!

Yesterday,I was lucky to have my usual competitor, Don James, do shirt duty for me helping me with the sleeves and last minute adjustments and a great hand offs...the plan,do 501-512 and 534 to beat my world record we start as planned...501 went up so fast,some people in the audience MISSED seeing it..really..rocket fast..then 512 --still fast but a little crooked,with it evening out at the top..for a good I got the bright idea to put on a NEW out of the bag KATANA ( * this normally would've worked for me ) so here we go with the 534 and it wont touch..I pull and pull and arch into it and it doesn't touch, so up I push it...I'm urged to do a 4th attempt...I pass, thinking I'll just have to work with this shirt.

What really happened according to Don:
" You had the bar 2 inches from touching and you just slammed it back up by yourself"

What I THOUGHT happened: (remember my body and little brain have 534 pounds squishing it)

I thought it felt like it might go out of control and I thought it was 6 inches from touching..and I thought the spotters helped me with it..

Same event...

2 different views...IF Don is right..hell,he was right there watching, spotting, handing off,then I should've put 551 on the bar and taken my 4th...but thinking my version was true, I missed the chance..later when Don told me his version of the event --I said "My god --really?? the spotters didn't pull it off me--aww, if I had've known that it was that close to touching AND I rocketed it up..I would've taken in n' learn...almost"

I got The Best Lifters trophy for 61-67 year old masters benchers covering the 220-242-259-308 and Superheavy weight classes.. the GREAT Rudy Lozano got it for the lighter classes!

* STRATEGY ---if you test a particular shirt, and on the magic day in training it gives you 540..and it is a certain size, and you keep your bodyweight the same, and you maintain or increase your strength..a new "one of those" should give you the BIG number again or MORE..

With shirts, after they've had a few huge lifts in them,the "pop" gradually lessens giving you smaller you open with the looser shirt, get on the boards and put on the exact same BRAND /SIZE.. NEW shirt for the Record attempt and you'll get it (I've proven that theory 4 times in the last 2 years)-BUT--if that type shirt has been upgraded by the manufacturer and you put it on unknowingly --you'll find yourself in my touch -or worse,bar outta control..I was basing my theory of the Katana keeping the larger chest plate --the new one I got, had been upgraded to smaller chest plate shorter sleeves (from the factory) causing my 'math' to be off...I plead "no dummy"

NEXT? Huge lifts in 2007 !!!


Blogger Tony said...

hey good job best lifter again
to bad about your 3rd and missing the opportunity to do a 4th shows how important it is to have some one you can trust in your corner because when we come off a hard lift our thoughts seem to swing to extremes I had good people at my last meet my second dead got miss loaded from 267 to 275 I pulled but droped it at the top I wanted to go 277 and I may or may not have got it but bruce was right I only needed 267 to win and after I the meet I relized that he saved me from doing some stupid
any way hope you had fun and I'll talk to you soon

11:46 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thank YOU Tony!! for the kind turned out well !!for me
BUT hey man, YOU are the CHAMPION !!that is one AMAZING deadlift..and full meet performance !! congrats on your HUGE WPC World's a picture or two when ya can !!

5:47 AM  

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