Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last Workout before WABDL Worlds

I felt like working heavy today so I did pin presses and reverse band floor bench shirt today..
the beginning of the pin presses was the same as always..2.5 inches off the chest,dead stop--warm ups thru 4 reps of 315 --then to 2 reps of 405 then 1 rep each of 425 435 and 445+445--then to reverse bands for singles with 500 500 515 525 and 535 + 535 for a good workout, this will allow me to recover for the morning session in Vegas on this coming Wednesday..all that is left, is to read more recent issues of POWERLIFTING USA for psych--check on my airline flight --and practice a speech I have to give at a Chiropractor's convention back here on Saturday the 18th and altho that would be interpretted by some as active rest,I kind of feel under the gun...but once I get involved in doing all this and not just thinking about it,things will be ultra positive...and I'll be ready to kick butt at the 2006 WABDL Worlds !!

...Ooh yes,there is also vacuuming my apartment and MOWING the front room rug...the mushrooms growing there are beginning to get me a bit peeved..also the kitchen--there is a serpent swimming in the sink..and the more coffee grounds I throw in,the more hyper he becomes..better try to get him to go back down the drain where he came from...dont want to come home to tourists in my apartment trying to get shots of him for the Guinness book...yes, I am, just barely, kidding about this.


Blogger Tony said...

good luck at your meet and thanks for the kind words the other day

12:35 PM  

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