Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Buddies as Champions !

This is where I'm sposed to report my speed day training for next weeks meet.. like most training logs, that is a whole lotta same old-same old..suffice it to say I had a great "light/bands/speed bench workout" Bad News, I may have a sprained wrist or hand,maybe even a tiny fracture,going into the meet...after all, I hold more than 500 pounds above me in the bench press about 160 times a year,including training and meets,that's bound to wear something thin...I'm going to ignore it and lift a big as I can next Wednesday in Vegas.

NOW--the GOOD stuff !!! I am so proud to know all my powerlifting friends, and recently some truly great performances have happened..My friend Clint Harwood just competed a few days ago in the huge WPC/WPO Worlds in New York and Benched a drug free 771 pounds !! actually, he did 705 750 & 771 in the World bench meet..that is totally astounding !! He is a very nice and FUNNY guy..he usually wears a tee to meets that says "The World's Strongest Physicist" and can crack you up with his dry wit..Clint recently got married..but on his wedding day, he got a heavy bench press workout in with his team..NEXT,at the same meet, Tony Tomra of BC another great drug free lifter..entered the 40-44 Masters in the 100 KG class and WON THE WORLD TITLE !!! WPC World champion is a huge accomplishment..Canada's WPC affiliate is the CPO ..see pictures of Tony and Clint on my website under 2006 activity choose the CPO Nationals report,this will show you where they were in their lifts in June....and the latest flash is ..Priscilla Ribic (pictured in the Pacific USAPL meet report -linked below) IS the NEW IPF World Champion in the 148 pound class...she totaled 610 KILOS and beat a field of 10..this JUST happened in Norway...not only did Priscilla get a gold medal --she got 4 of them..she just may (as always) win Champion of Champions..this is really astounding lifting, that winds up a year where Priscilla won every title imaginable..and broke 2 IPF World records..she squatted 534 POUNDS Today ---oh yes,she's done more too.

Many people say the best part of powerlifting is meeting people...yes,it's true,meeting all lifters and power enthusiasts is great..but getting to meet and talk to the Greats of the sport is a huge thrill that is contagious to our training and competition spirit ! I'm proud and inspired !! and Blessed to know these super strong athletes.


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