Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going back after 18 days

I've never laid off 18 days before..but the circumstances in the blogs below explain how I missed all that training time.
Yesterday I got together with Bruce and Nancy for a heavy day, which usually means a shirted PR type attempt but I thought I wouldn't put on a shirt unless my RAW Bar speed was good--well it wasn't ..but I was glad to be trying out Nancy's new Rack, a Yukon, she picked up in Bothell ( a store called LIFTERS ) when we went to the Pacific Power meet in October..this has safety standards and seems to be way easier for my bench set up..I look forward to trying BIG Weights next year in Safety in the new power cage.
I did benches with 225 for warm up then to 275 for 4 reps 315 for 3-- 330 for 1, 350 one rep 3 sets-
-bar speed was slow-
-usually this weight flies..
went to 360 and did 3 singles there too.
Quickly I compute, 385 or so would've travelled at the speed of the I deemed that it was NOT a day for a shirt PR or test..we went to reverse bands I did 6 sets of bands some with reps moving to a best of 3 reps with 462--the work out felt good !

Bruce and Nancy had fine workouts too--Today my Pecs hurt like I've NEVER worked out a day in my life and am getting the soreness from my first set of lifting (you remember how that felt)

This weekend was the American Open in Palm Springs I was hoping to go but pulled out after the October meet..
I mentioned Priscilla Ribic was going ..yep, she lifted as a 165 pound lifter and squatted 551 benched 319 and deadlifted 529 needless to say that performance was the high spot of day one's lifting..

Yes, and the WABDL Worlds official results are up at


A big and wonderful meet--19 countries and a huge turnout of BIG lifts..always my favorite place to lift !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert, I am back from the hip replacement surgery( June 19th) I finished up the with the sets of five last Monday and did the last set 5x350 with the back off set 10x300. I started triples today. I finished at 3x365 with a pause on the last rep. I backed off with 10x285. I am going to do heavy rack lockouts and heavy 4board presses in a shirt on Thursdays. I haven't had a shirt on since the AAU meet here in OK back in late Feb. I did a fairly easy 465 there at about 265 body weight. My doctor understands about the weight lifting and the shirts and all and has asked me not to use a shirt until the first of the year. It made sense the way he explained it to me. OK, enough on me. Congratulations on the lifts at Worlds and throughout this last year. You have done an excellent job and represented the older guys in grand fashion. I turned 60 Nov. 15th, and can't wait to get at some of those 60+ records. I enjoy reading your blog.
Gene Knight

8:33 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

GENE !!! Great to hear from you again !! your raw work in the bench is really excellent!! 5 reps @ 350 that is tremendous..I think I might be able to muster that but just barely (I believe in lower reps--1's and 3's ala Doug Hepburn-so, I dont test 5's-but 3's @ 350 are hard !! ) and I'm not sure I could for sure did it at a lower bodyweight than me too!!-sensational training !!!
Your workouts are great--and to me
you should be rocketing upward in your bench meet progress --I'll be interested in watching you hit the biog records in 2007 !
Thanks for the kind words Gene !!
as for my blog --I'm glad anybody reads's almost an online notebook--to remember the moment of the meet or the workout --or the lifting event..the fact that maybe 10 people actually read a bonus..hope to see you at a meet this year !

2:30 PM  

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