Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'd be lyin'

If I said I was hitting the gym daily--or at all!

I havent lifted since the Big World meet, the 15th !( a record in lethargy for me, and most garden slugs )

On the flight back I was seated in an aisle close to a woman who had a specific sort of "cold".

One that might be termed EL BOOGAH-TOR ! no, the MIGHTY EL BOOGAH-TOR is more like it..she blew her nose 174 times in the 2 hour plus flight--Being a very picky germophobe I prayed that I could get thru my speech at the Canadian Chiropractic Convention--and then my bread and butter, my tv and radio session..before her 'Phlegm bouquet' blossomed in my system.

I got half my wish--I got thru the Chiro thing with tons of laughs..Amazing, I had to follow People like Rick Hansen and Kim Eagles( if you dont know who that is, she'll shoot ya ) plus the dude who won 'Survivor' last year...but right after the big "Powerlifter's Love chiropractic" set--I got hit with --you guessed it..


It was BAD !! It knocked me on my butt for days...and the job came and --I sounded, like Ethel Merman farting thru a bagpipe...not my usual dulcet tone...so I was sent home..BUT having a great client to work for--I was allowed 3 days to get over my 'cold'
meanwhile,work out? what's that??? never heard of it...so the session is rescheduled and I do it just fine..WHEW !! the spots run soon and I can pay the rent..but still,the gym isn't what I see as my most appealing destination...But just when I get feeling a 'little' like going to the gym --my car is snowed in--wont start--and BCAA is one continuous busy signal..my car is parked in a ticketable place too..so what will I do?

Dont moan --I'm going to use Jump stretch bands on a Soloflex,not to PULL my car out of the ditch, to work out (both sets of resistance--rubber plus rubber is good for my blubber )-I've done that before for benching but with light stretch bands--this will get me a bit of a workout..and that's why I have the 'as seen on TV' set up anyway..meanwhile ..I must have the "no meet in sight of months" blues..cuz my enthusiasm for lifting is usually hightened by having a goal...a meet around the corner... I was going to the American Open in Palm Springs..but it didn't pan out...hope to lift a big one for ya next time..maybe with a real barbell on Saturday !

3 notes,

I got a picture of me in Powerlifting USA Magazine November issue page 82 --I'm Benching 525.7 in the pic--a month later i broke that World record with 529...geeze,have i mentioned THAT before?

My pal Colin Bonneau lifted on thursday @WABDL Vegas and got a 501 Bench and first place in his class and a best lifters in the "Younger than Bob" class..we have a friendly rivalry in the Bench --he's younger --I'm heavier--it evens out.

Priscilla Ribic IS going to Palm Springs for the meet this weekend..she will lift in the 165's leaving plenty of room for Pizza (She's the Worlds best 148er )


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