Thursday, December 14, 2006

U give me Reason to Blog !

...But you can leave your hat on...

When I decided to use the training log format to Blog..I thought I'd enjoy writing down the gym workouts,thinking that some other older lifters could gauge their progress by them..well that got very boring to me..and I soon liked better,making notes on Contests--meet prep--friends BIG lifts etc.

What especially bogs me down is the report of the Dynamic day (speed reps/bands) the weights are light and the training nuances are not noticible --that is,I may use the same weights 3 workouts in a row..but hit the speed effort harder --or double the bands..or back off--yesterday, I had a speed day that was effective as exercise--but my speed on some heavy test weight was still a modicum slower than when I'm at peak strength..I came home and started to report my 'so so' day to you ..and I said ..ah..hell,why??--it's the same ol' boring I look at the WABDL site and ...AHEAD OF SCHEDULE the years meets are listed..and lookee here ! There is a meet in Issaquah for WABDL FEBRUARY 3rd !! and a timetable of other NW meets..that is very encouraging !! and gives me the target I need to train once the Holiday distractions are gone "Would you like some Champagne in your protein drink?" I can be back in my 'alive' state..leaving behind the limbo of "what am I going to the gym for??" I'm back feeling like a silverback with a full dance card !--I see at least 4 WABDL's -- 2 CPO's an AWPC worlds, and a GPC Worlds (It's close to home)in this years schedule...goals ??? get a 2ply max in CPO to see how close I can get to an ultimate inflated number in the bench press (560??)..and of course ONE WABDL Bench World record and yes,maybe even Break my WABDL World Deadlift record too...ahh, life is good when you have enough meets.. and liniment.


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert I'm in the same boat just kind of coasting along I was encouraged the other day when I left my dungeon and went to local gym and found out my coasting would kick the crap out most everybody there
any way best of the season to ya

11:01 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Yeah Tony !! World WPC Master's champ certainly does kick anything in gyms for miles and miles around !! even whe HE is coasting..good for you ! stay strong whole lots to look forward to this year..but I still have to get that passport,whatta drag..I'm even a dual citizen and I have to passport it--even to get back into my ORIGINAL land..Have a great holiday too --see you at the CPO national's or sooner !!

4:36 PM  

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