Saturday, January 06, 2007

Good Heavy work !

From the same rack pin setting as last week..I got some workout PR's--in the chest level floor press (raw-dead stop off safety bars) I did warm ups thru 330 for 4's --then to 402+440+446 for singles, the 446 beating last weeks best rep..then I attached the lowly purple bands to the top of the rack (I usually use Powerful BLUES) and did singles with 446 for 5 462 for 2 490X1 507X1 517X1 and got 527 going for 2 inches..but crashed n'burned with that Next time --getting that will be my heavy day "pin with purples" goal...and YES...I will get it..

Next heavy day is NEXT Saturday when I do shirt work ..and try to get a serious pre meet weight up ! 523+ ??? or go for broke and try the tight Katana?? that could yield 534 540 or disaster!

Near Seattle? want to enter WABDL meet??
entry forms at WABDL dot ORG Or Richard Schuller's email is --What's neat is ..that there are meets to attend so early in the year...There is a BCPA meet Jan 28 in Vancouver ...then February 3 the WABDL meet --then In March there is a meet in Issaquah again..but it's the Washington State USAPL championships...I'm happy about this --usually I wait 3 months between December and my first New Years meets !! This keeps last years ball rollin..better to progress than bog down !!


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