Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reverse band 550 !

Lately I've been guilt tripping myself cuz I've missed 2 mid week "Band" workouts..and have been been doing the usual going to friends houses for Holiday fare,lotsa Carbs and wine..and wine ..and wine...NOT the way to stay strong and least to the extent I'VE been doing it ! and of course it increases my 'Lardissimo aspect' many fold, to the extent that I am your official "Yule Clog" and MY own 'Fativity scene'

But Today I gathered with Bruce and Nancy for a Heavy Bench day work out and got 2 shirted singles at 507...the heavy weights felt good ! before using the bench shirt I had warmed up raw with 225 X5 315 X 6 330X4 then a single with 350..and some faster singles with 330 again---to try to build confidence and speed for the shirt, as I said I just did 4 shirt singles... the 2 heavy weights went up surely but were not the "rocket fast" reps I always describe my maxes to be..still I was satisfied with that part of the workout--Nancy and Bruce had very good workouts and are showing lots of progress,it seems 'old' heavy lifts have more speed and appear to be executed in an easier manner.."time to add some more weight to the bar"

One thing we are going to kick up --is the poundage with the reverse band work..for a while I'm going to use one of my goals for the year as my alternate heavy exercise to improve--today I did 507 again with reverse bands (blues) no shirt..then I did one at 550 Bruce was great at handing the bar out, and making the 550 seem light..from now on I'll use this heavier weight until I'm able to do 5 to 8 singles ..and like the Great Doug Hepburn taught us..when I get the 8 singles--it's time to add more weight to the exercise..gradually working to huge weights I hope to tackle in meets mid 551 WABDL (single Katana)-- 562 CPO (Double Fury)...this work with more weight than has challenged me recently is the first step in getting used to it..then really tackling it in a meet...

Notice I didn't say I'd bench 600 in 2007 ?
heh heh --yeah, we all know OLD Grampa's cant do stuff like that !

Happy New Year !


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