Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another "Heavy day"

Last night I trained at Nancie's gym ..actually, her loft /condo IS her about 'living' powerlifting..her abode is 90% gym, 10 percent living space..her living room couch IS a bench and lifting racks..this nicely appointed dwelling has a kitchen,bathroom,up ladder bedroom..and a dining table...otherwise it's 100's of pounds of calibrated IVANKO plates-dumbells-2 platforms,numerous bars..yes,she has fitness clients she trains..and a perfect set up for a strength devotee..that's why the heavy shirt days for me are done there as to not freak out our local 'sensitive' gyms.

"Yo --Old Dude!'re SCARING our more 5 plates bench presses!!"

So I go over to set a pin press PR raw in her NEW rack (the first hole heights seem to vary in all gym safety racks ) last week I got 402 at chest height and couldn't get 418.

(in the KITS gym rack I get 450 as a's '1st pins' are higher)

Floor press/pin presses are done raw..I start with 225, I do many reps,not counting, just wanna warm up..jump to 308 it feels heavy but I do 8 or so..then to singles.. 402 --it goes easy--next is 418 it's easy too--I've beaten last weeks PR in this set up..then 424 for one, then 435 for one easy one..then to 441 and I get it--but my form errodes and the bar drifts behind on my 'weaker shoulder''s ever so crooked ..but it's UP so it is my new PR when working in this new rack..441 not much behind my KITS 'best' --I then take the bar down to 402...and rep out...get this 7 reps..Nancy interrupts me on number 4 and says--"You're raising your butt off the floor !" I do a few more, and call it a 'workout' we ascertain (ASSertain??) that I wasn't lifting my butt during the single reps and the heavier numbers...I just got into the loose form when I hit the 7 rep set..a good workout..and even with skipping a "Band" workout earlier in the week..and having holiday wine..I've seemed to maintain my it will be Bands/speed on Tuesday then a shirt day on the 30th..
Nancy made me a SENSATIONAL Holiday meal, Morrocan chicken..which in my ex radio dj voice is pronounced..


"CLICK how my wine AND chicken met...sound on"

we had Naked Grape brand Shiraz with dinner --a great powerlifting gossip fest was had thru out--yes...we even mentioned YOU..and spoke of you kindly...!!

Merry Holidays


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