Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Didn't skip the small stuff !

Today I got my lethargic ass into the gym and did speed benches,didn't use the bands,but got a nice workout in trying to 'shotput' all the weights outta my hands ..2 sets of 225 for 6--2 sets 245X4 2sets 265X4 4 sets of 315X4 as fast as they would go..the bands will make a comeback on speed day next week..I really have come out of hibernation,due to the fact that the WABDL Seattle meet is February 3rd,Bull Stewart and Richard Schuller are putting this on again at the Issaquah Holiday Inn...It will be a good contest with Benching and deadlifting,I'm hoping Jody Cranston will come along ..I'm nearly positive Nancy Carpenter will bench..It would be good to have more BC Lifters come down as WABDL meets usually have some superior displays of power and a friendly "lifter first" in the next few workouts I have to get used to the heavier part of 500+ as to not waste the and effort on yet another slightly over 500 showing..maybe I should try to reel in that 534 that got away in Vegas !


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