Saturday, January 13, 2007

No shirt, Sherlock !

Our Pal Bruce Everett, was not snowed in ...he was 'ICED in' today...he hadn't started his vehicle up for 3 days, AND his downhill driveway would've meant success, or death by steep ravine..yes, our Brucer woulda perished if he tried the slippery slope outta his house..So the BIG mysterious 'which shirt will robo get a monster bench in his next meet'event was postponed til NEXT Saturday..As you remember, Bruce is spotter and hand off man..without he and Nancy safeguarding me and helping with my bench shirts..I wouldn't be able to hit the encouraging numbers I've hit in meets these last few, no Bruce safety, so we passed on the shirt workout.

That gives me more time to ponder if I wanna go BIG-- or HUGE !!! in the Seattle meet !

Nancy has hurt her back--shes training for 2 meets --The BCPA And the because of extreme back spasms ..she did pin presses (rack lock outs at her height) and got 242 pounds thru a 8 inch stroke..she did tons o' sets...and actually felt better after the work out...some people woulda cancelled the workout.. but she worked thru the pain.

I did pin presses (no shirt-bar from a dead stop) and got a PR at chest height 450 pounds...that's a small PR because last week I got 446--this time I just got underneath the bar and did 265 X 6 375 X 3 418 X1 440X1 sloppy, 440X1 good, 446X1 sloppy, 446X1 good, 450 X1 GOOD...then in this shorter rack, I attached the purple bands to the top and put the ends around the bar--this gives minimal help upward--I did 490X3 507 512 and 520 --a smidge over last weeks 517..all in all a good workout..but this is 3 weeks of the same heavy exercises and they need to be mixed up next week when we'll do the shirts workout for sure and a different style reverse band bench workout from bench level and blue bands --remember I need to be hitting 550 in that excercise !!
Hope everyone's prediction that the weather is going to be good for the Feb 3 WABDL meet holds true..I cant imagine driving this "igloo on wheels" my car has become,all the way to Issaquah n' back in the icy cold !


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