Saturday, January 20, 2007

505 530 535

Heavy Shirt day and I wanted to use my comfortable Katana so we put it on after the usual warm ups --and I got a 505 a 530 and a 535 --actually it was 537 because of mixing kilo and pound felt easy..BUT in the video of appears to come up..loosely lock then unlock out of control..and Bruce grabs it..what I remember tho, was getting it up ..locking it instantaneously and pretty much letting it down an inch or so to SIGNAL Bruce to grab it..but instead the vid looks like a big excuse for no between now and the meet I must remember to hold it for a longer time..and let the spotter grab it on the rack signal...that would be bogus to have a WABDL World Record be nullified by a rookie mistake!!

Click that sucker to see's what I mean !

Both Bruce and Nancy had a good workout..Nancy is recovering from a back injury -and will test her shirt max NEXT Bands we all had good progress except me--3 weeks ago I got a reverse band PR of 550 pound (the blues) but this week I did a 507 and then 550 only went with the "It's all you big man !!" deal where the spotter gives you 10 pounds or so to help with the rep..but the rep was SLOW and hard --so it might've been the best rep of the workout !!


Blogger Tony said...

that looked easy sometimes I have that lock,unlock when the weight goes up way faster and easier than I expect you will be ready for it next time right before you take 550 for a ride WOW

8:06 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thanks Tony !
YOU Da Man !!
My next meet is Feb 3rd--and I think the 535 is 'do able'there..I'll stick with the older Katana..the new one (smaller chest plate and shorter arms --made the way now--right from the factory) would take 570 to touch--and I am not ready for that yet..congratulations on your World achievements @ Lake George--mind boggling /amazing lifting!! BTW I forgot to tell everyone WHERE you can buy Powerlifting USA in Vancouver before the subscription one comes to you..Mayfair magazines..on Broadway just west of Granville.

8:25 AM  

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