Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Humble Tony !


WOW !! Whatta guy !!

Hey! The December issue of Powerlifting USA--has a report of the WPC Worlds, and BC's own Tony Tomra got his picture in the meet report on page 6---what astounds me --is--he was so HUMBLE about the numbers he put up in both the bench only and the full meet masters!!he got a 551 bench press and a 1851 Total !!

And I blog on about my bench in the aged fatso class and this guys just..'ho hums' these GREAT lifts...altho the WPC doesn't drug test--Tony has always been a drug free lifter ! Congratulations Tony..look for the PLUSA with Andy Bolton's 1003 deadlift on the cover..BTW No,my subscription issue did NOT arrive--I bought this one in downtown Vancouver !

oh yeah..I did the speed work today for Saturday's shirt session..guess I'll have to wear the NEW katana to try to get anywhere near Tony's neighborhood !!


Blogger Bert said...

Robo, The man in the middle is Alexei Neklyudov of Russia. We (Butenko and I) stayed at his appartment in Moscow last August.
Bert M.

9:10 PM  

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