Wednesday, February 07, 2007

500 for the camera !

Yesterday was sposed to be my light day--when I do the bands and the 60% poundages for 4 reps of 12 sets as fast as the bar can possible travel...But our buddy Jody Cranston had arranged for the Shaw TV show "The Express" to do a shoot on how our 'away team' trains at Nancie's gym--so I quickly warmed up with 145 -245- and 375 raw--then put on a shirt and popped up a 500 T n'G bench press for the cameras..Jody did reps with 500 in the rack pull deadlift and Nancy did floor presses to show one of our best assistance exercises..Jody and Nancy got most of the camera time --I think Jack Christie the producer of the piece didn't want to scare the audience away with my rather Hitchcockian frame lately..we plugged the heck out of WABDL events --and closed with a mention of our local BCPA web site so that local people would know where to learn about the sport and the 3 lifts..Jody, Nancy and I were still sore from the meet in Seattle but we were troopers and popped some good demos for the camera!--and I gave Jack Christie a copy of my comedy animation DVD "A Terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the Loom" no doubt,therapy will be needed after he watches 'Popeil Pocket Psychiatrist' is standing by !

Previous to the shoot/workout, I had spent the day producing a radio/internet/pod cast commercial for Priscilla Ribic's PLGEARONLINE store--I ended up going from a 'nice' sounding spot to a 'truck pull' type read..ha favorite lifting gal actually likes it ..and I'll be very proud when she uses it in future casts!!

Click here to listen to 'Audio-for-Priscilla-'


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