Monday, February 12, 2007

A buncha 435's

Did pin presses with the bar nearly ON my chest at lowest pin height--went 405X2 405X2 405 405 425 435 435 435 435 for singles to replicate heavy work..of course no shirt ..Starting with dead stop of the bar,breaking inertia making this as close to a raw Bench press as I get..yes,I use singles because they seem to work for me...a training technique of Hepburn,Anderson and Jim Williams...of course I do some reps..and there is ONE trick with reps that really seems to peak me..5 weeks or so out from a the end of my heavy day do a 'warm down' set with 225lb benches for reps..week one, say about 15 --week 2 --20--week 3--23 reps...week 4 27 reps...this is just an afterthought to my workout...when I do it this way..I seem to get a bigger lift on my 5th week at the Meet ! could be poppycock..but as a "ritual" I think it fools me into thinking I'm going strong into a meet !!
The ad I voiced for Priscilla Ribic is now in part 2 of her podcast by Steve Mann at purepowerlifting dot com...A friend of Priscilla's put pictures with the voice and the spot works very nicely "Priscilla's cast is here--click it" the training info Priscilla gives comes in very handy...she describes doing 5's and 8's to get conditioned for meets that might only have 5 lifters per flight..this has a person squatting almost as fast as they can lift--unwrap-sit--rewrap and squat's a breathless encounter..I know,it happened to me in 2003 at the IPF World Masters --I had 6 in my flight..good thing I could win with 80% of max lifts or I woulda been "Mr Cardiac Arrestman" not 'Whirlled Chimpanzee' that year !


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