Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello Gym, I'm Phattsoe...remember me??

I made no excuses!

And launched right into doing my Speed Band light benches..I did pretty much the usual..225X4--then 245X 4 reps X 8 sets...then I took off the Heavy blue bands and did 3 reps of 315 -- 2 of 335, and singles with 355 and 365..easy bench day but I concentrated on getting the bar moving as fast as possible.

Earlier, before the bench became available,I'd killed time with leg presses... knee caps as ear muffs, style...worked up to 8 sets with 8 plates a side (6 rep sets)this was a good warm up for the day AND partial deadlifts in the rack and full pulls with the reverse bands...

At below knee height I warmed up with 315X5 405X 495X1 500X1 545X1 with rack pulls
then I put the skinny little purple bands on the top of the squat rack, put them over the ends of the bar and did full deads 500X3 for 4 sets FROM a platform in the rack to make it true deadlift height or below..This seems like light work to the real lifters out there..but I need to take it easy til I get used to doing deadlifts and squats...as lame as it sounds I'm going to just work on reviving some 500+ Deads n' Squats for the CPO's in May..minimum goals? a 518 Squat and a 534 or 550 Dead...hopefully the bench will stay large ! and give me an AWPC WR !

--GYM -- I was told by a young lady that worked the desk..or did she just use her cell phone and SIT at the desk?? that when we have that many plates on the bar we must use the wire collars for Safety ...of course I explained that I was fluent in the language of "Barbell" and wondered if, at this gym she didn't mean "Clank-i-ness" She admitted that the sound of heavy plates rattling against one another was upsetting the 'regulars'..she was diplomatic..and kind..BUT I laughed out loud as she handed me the 'collars'...later I told her that the bands were for safety and quiet too...as if I went to great trouble to find alternate ways to quiet and 'safety ' the bar..
..I think she believed me...
today, a few people (2 out of 5.) actually touched the bar to their chest in the Bench Press..

and one guy took the bar below parallel in the squat...all 95 pounds of it.

But, this act of proper gym use was nulified when a guy dressed in boots...heavy treking pants..a heavy shirt and a heavily insulated puffy grey hooded coat..worked out by doing side bends with 20 pound dumbells and continued what looked like a Jack LaLanne program from the 50's all the while in mountain climbing or hobo gear ..I couldn't smell which !

ahh, the gym...love it ...hate it ...ya cant live without it !


Blogger Tony said...

thanks for the laugh Sometimes I miss going to a commercial gym, but I don't miss those conversations. When we were getting ready for olimpic lifting meets I think we had that talk every week. Well I made it I'm skinny and weak again> I should make the 90kg class,now I just need to get my body to adjust to this weight, and get my lifts back

6:35 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Hi Tony !!
Wow 90 kgs --looking to rewrite the record book I bet ! I'm sure your lifts will be back in spades..The gym-or community center VS lifters..is so well summed up by people like the person who talked to me..she was responding I think,to some little dude who was doing some hippy hop aerobics crap on a small step up platform NEAR where mildly heavy weights were being used..when I saw his little dance on the head of a pin I knew he had moved his board to the wrong area..later he used the words to the 'desk' those rattling plates "scare me" (overheard by one of my spies) then the gal comes over and explains what the clips were for as if to a 4 year old...I was smiling ..near laffing during the whole explanation...so I doubt if SHE found me scary..plus I barely put my weight down at all --almost as if a negative with very light touch down..it's just not music to fitness dweebs ears like it is ours..

best of luck with trainning ..but actually --I need the LUCK more than you do :-D


11:34 AM  

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