Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dual Heavy !

I did Heavy Benches from the pins today AND Pulled a few rack Deadlifts..The weights went up easy, and I spent over 2 hours in the gym...Penance for ignoring my training this week..I did do a "speed day" substitute at home Wednesday to stay on course..

But, I was SUPPOSED to get back to 3 lift training, and the thought of it, quickly put me in a state of avoidance..

So today,after beating myself up over skipping the Washington State USAPL Meet this weekend and NOT getting back to 3 lift training---

I FINALLY got with it and did chest level floor/pin presses...225X12 315X6 405X2 435 435 440 445 --no shirt--dead start pushing off safetys..then switched to the reverse bands (hung 12" from the top of sq rack) blues--500X2 515X2 545 545 555 560--with LONG holds at the top..felt really good --then I took the bands off--unloaded the bar to 315 and did 6 rack pulls from below the knee (3-4 inches) then 405 X3 then 500 550 and 570 ..I havent deadlifted at all since the CPO National's last year, close to a whole year...usually when competing I use a I lifted in my 'street clothes' so there was no belt or spring back may hurt a bit tomorrow..altho that wasn't very many reps..I will add reverse band deads from the floor to my training next time--and rep /set it like a normal person.

Today in the gym a lady who trains there said she saw me on TV with Nancy and Jody--she recognized me due to the LOAD on the bar..most people there do 'fitness' sized weights,we heard Back from Jack Christie,that people's response was very good for the segment.

Great to hear that from the producer..maybe more powerlifting will get on locally--our lifting pal Rosalyn Hannah (2006 CPU Nationals) was featured in a 'running/fitness' segment 4 or so days later-(same show -EXPRESS )-funny, how the coincidence factor of the Universe works ! TV and otherwise.

The USAPL has an online magazine called Powerlines, done by the CPU's own Mike it, there are rankings from the years (2006) USAPL contests all thruout America...

I was overjoyed to see Nancy ranked 3rd in her weight/age category..
Jody 2nd out of 22 lifters in the USA in the single 'open' deadlift with a beautiful 570 pull..
And I was was the number one geezer in the 60-64 Bench press only, with my American Record of 470 (I did 500 twice that day was red lighted by the judges) I had a higher wilks than most of the 60-64's if not all of em...

so that made my day...hah..for a day...oh yeah, Mark Vezina from BC was also in the rankings as #5 out of 25 lifters--I guess our trips across the border paid off in honors for the Vancouver team !

"Click this link to POWERLINES"

Our rankings are contained within these pages --also read Mike Armstrong's great 'judging the bench press' article--right on Mike !!!

A WORD FROM MY REAL SPONSOR ! Some of you know that I voice the TV and Radio ads for London Drugs in Western Canada...I noticed last time I read a TV ad that they had one Bargain WE all would like to know about..starting Tomorrow, London Drugs Has 100% Whey Protein,5 pounds for $24.99--as I remember 5 Pounds is usually WAY more expensive than that in Supplement stores...If you have a London Drugs Near you ..and you're out of Whey Pro..check into it...I'm going to !

I heard from WABDL's Gus Rethwisch during the week --love talking to him..he really wants a good turnout for Pasco (do Not Pass, go??) coming up March 24th and encourages people who can make it to come on out--Its an Iron Gladiator's Record Breakers !! and will be a good meet --I'd like to try out his new Deadlift Bar--cross between a York Classic and an Okie !( shorter tho )

-plus if I'm ever going to get a 550 bench it would seem the timing for this one would be perfect..I just dont trust driving the summit in my big heavy car this time of year--is anyone a fearless driver out there, that wants a GAS for payin, meal buyin Passenger???

Ha Ha!! loook!!! I just "INVENTED" ON LINE Hitchhiking...


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