Sunday, February 25, 2007

550 reverse band !

Today's Heavy Bench workout was a really good one..this was at the Kit's Community center...I commandeered the best squat rack..warmed up doing floor/pin presses from the safety bars very close to (if not,right ON) the level of my chest..warmed up 225 X10 315X4 405X2 then a single with 425 435 and 440...then I put the bands on a post a foot and a half from the top of the squat cage--the heavy blues...and did 2 with 500 then one each with 515 535 545 545 545 then 550 --the 545's (3 singles) were the first ones of the day that were a challenge and my tri's really felt good getting those lifts to the top..the 550 was very hard,but very rewarding..then I took off the bands and did 2 reps with 405 to tie that workout into a complete shirts were used in the workout today,the bands,playing the role of 'enabler' here.

The Power interview for "THE EXPRESS" on Shaw cable wasn't shown on it's scheduled time and I looked at the various shows they were doing, I wondered how they would tie US into their format of the day it was..home show..chinese new year..lot's of "regular" sorts of subjects where the tie ins to the segment would have to BE very these imaginary ramblings!

(Johanna) "That was Dr.Art Hister with his healthy suggestion for seniors, to take it easy and slow when starting an exercise here's some fat old guy bench pressing over 500 pounds...that's not to say Dr. Art is a's more to say this 'Robo' guy is NUTS !!--Jack where do you get these people??"

(Johanna) "Today we're celebrating the year of the Boar...speaking of 'Boars'--here's some old guy bench pressing a small car..showing all of his Gung hay FAT Choy..
some of which, I wish he'd cover up."

(Johanna) "Today we're covering the big Burlesque celebration in Vancouver..years ago Burlesque was synonymous with ladies taking off thier clothes, dancing and showing off their figures....speaking of bums and buzooms..this old guy here, has bigger boobs than ANY of our dancers today,due to a steady diet of bench presses and's Robo,Nancy and Jody the Vancouver Power team...."

CUT TO CLIP--Robo warms up raw with 375--don's a shirt for 505 or 507--Nancy talks about visulization--goal attaining and NOT taking drugs!!!--Jody Does numerous partial deadlifts with over 500--and denies being reporter "Timko's" long lost older brother--Jack borrows a line from Woody Guthrie and OUT!

(Johanna) " Arent YOU glad we're back..more from the Burlesque celebration downtown..and hey...Robert O...Put it on ...Put it back on !!"
---A note to Tony or any would be CPO lifter...the Meet in Calgary in early March,altho possibly a good one..Is NOT NOW Sanctioned by the reported earlier..some minor things have changed, and this meet may possibly fly under the CPC Banner...official word from Bert Merriman VIA Andrey Butenko..


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Robert I guess there is some confusion with this meet. I bought my ticket to toronto on saturday, so I guess I will have to start training like a real powerlifter. I'm going to give the 90 k class a try because I love to diet
hope to see you there

1:51 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

I went from 85% sure I was going to enter to about 98% today--now to suddenly come up with a Squat and a Deadlift after keeping them in mothballs for so long..8 weeks to get my 'groove' back..I'll enter Saturday's meet the AWPC version..and do 3 lift and BP only--well yeah,if my back will allow the 3 lift training /resurrection--almost POSITIVE that this is my next meet !

--to other readers--the TV thing is re-re-re-scheduled for tomorrow (weds) on Shaw 4--

4:26 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

did you see that clint harwood is going to the arnold's
it was just posted on powerlifting watch today

7:20 AM  

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