Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little work out & some news !

Yesterday I did the so called speed day in bench pressing..but didn't want to mess with the I just repped the following weights as fast as they would go..shooting for speed on the bar.. 225X6 225X4 X3 275X4X4 315X3X3 335 355 and 225 for 20 reps to warm down..that oughta hold me til heavy day !

On occasion Gene Knight another fine bencher who I met at a WABDL Worlds a few years back sends me his workouts and man are they impressive..he's now 60 and hasn't hit the 500 mark in a meet..but from his enthusiasm and training I know he will soon for sure...his training schedule is very impressive --he is in the 275 weight class and I think you'll see Gene break some records in this years WABDL Worlds in Anaheim...thanks for reading the blog and staying in touch Gene !!

The USAPL Womens National's happened over the weekend and the winners were
105 - Cheryl Anderson
114 - Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary
123 - Jennifer Maile
132 - Jennifer Perry
148 - Priscilla Ribic
165 - Disa Hatfield
181 - Liane Blyn
198 - Bonica Brown
198+- Jessica O'Donnell
this was posted by Priscilla over at the unofficial USAPL Forum..she also did a 'highlights' feature that told you the best parts of the meet..but in it she left her self out..hey ! strong classy and humble !!

Mystery of course---where was Lizzy Storm?? --I really wanted to see her make a great comeback--could it have been airline flight related??--

and, how in the world did Washington state master lifter, Patricia Tidmarsh bomb in the squat??? she has always hit super low depth..cant even begin to imagine her being called on anything..her Hubby/coach,Ron has her training and form down to an art !--I hope she comes back and gets on the IPF World team next time..she's always deserved it !!

speaking of great powerlifting sites..Fortified Iron is back up at a temp address --and to find everything interesting depend on Powerlifting Watch to put it together like a newspaper for ya !
"Here is Powerlifting watch click it"
It puts all things 'POWER' in one place !! great site !


Blogger Robert O. said...

Hey !! They "stiffed us again"..the little TV powerlifting sequence wasn't on --again! that is the 2nd time it has been sceduled..when I first started watching the show it was about a subject (The Childrens Home Lottery) that there is NO way you could tie a powerlifting piece I guess when they come up with an easier subject to link ..we'll be on then..apologies to anyone in great vancouver area who tuned into see the cool little gym Nancy lives in !! and our fun with barbells..hopefully the segment will get on might've interested a few in our sport..

fu yung face

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