Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Clint Goes to the Arnold !!

Canada's Clint Harwood has been invited to The Arnold !!
Clint has been benching amazing poundages lately, and when a coveteted slot opened Clint got the nod from KK to join this AMAZING line up!

Super Heavyweight

Ryan Kennelly USA
Clint Harwood CAN
Bill Crawford USA
Vladimir Kravtsov Russia
Vladimir Maximov Russia
Jani Murtomaki Finland
Jeff Peshek USA
Mike Wolfe USA
Scott Yard USA
Travis Rogers USA

This is going to be an amazing contest--And, being a precise and worthy Canadian Giant --Clint Harwood is going to do something almost unheard of lately...he will actually GET A LIFT (or 3) IN !!!
(Bombing is rampant among benchers who take CHANCES for the the 800-900-1000 pound level *and the prize money* in these HUGE meets--The Mendelson classic is a recent example)

Congratulations to Clint --this is an amazing honor !! Man, I know you'll do Canada proud !!

"Clint and Robo at the 2006 CPO Nationals"

Thanks to Tony Tomra for reminding me of the good news on Clint we received yesterday--"yep, I was on it"

The Power interview I keep mentioning that keeps getting postponed on Shaw Cable 4--is scheduled to play tonite at 6:00 pm and in the Vancouver BC area...the show is the EXPRESS--heck tonite, maybe we wont be bumped ! But will I still be 'too ugly for my shirt??'

My speed band bench day was super good today --bands on bottom of rack to retard the bar--2 sets each with 4 reps..of 225 245 265 285 and 2 sets of 2 with 315 AND THE BANDS--felt good --then 20 reps with 225 and no bands..I'll be ready for the heavy shirted workout Saturday!!


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