Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shirt day, and the purgatories of my mind..

For the last week..little stupid things have been bugging me..I wonder how many of them are 'psycho-plasmatic' tho?
But they have made me the Lord of Lethargy and Dread, AGAIN, more about that later..Saturday's so so workout..oh, I mean it was a good and effective workout just wasn't anything to blog home about, poundage wise... my work was warm ups 225X6 330X2 350 375 then into the shirt 440 (no touch) then 462 507 and 518 ...I had been all stoked to try to get a better version of my 550 from 2 weeks ago..more of a pause, cleaner touch/lockout etc. but I noticed my shirt was behaving differently,it was ratcheting the bar down in little uneven increments...then the path the way back up was the same..I was forgeting to "elbows in" and not arching much..finally the 518 felt right ..but it was hard enough that I thought that would be good enough for the final heavy attempt..later I did raw reps as Nancy and Bruce used the reverse bands ..I just went into a shirtless mode and did sumpin like..NO BANDS 285X4 308X3 330X2 350 and 375 again, as if doing a more extended version of my warm up..the final 375 seemed like a very hard rep (end of the day) and was satisfying to the deepest fibers of the benchin muscles !

Now, the thorns in my mental paw ! --the downers that goosed Goliath --

1. On Tuesday I get too much water in my ear while showering..and a huge hearing loss in my left ear...damn, and I'm "Left Eared" too!--it's probably infected..cuz I cant hear my self typing still...what happens at my next announcing gig? "I end up doing an Homage to Lou Ferrigno??"

2. That night in my sleep I grind my teeth and chipped a tooth, probably will be solved by painless bonding...the day before, I had my dentist sign some passport documents ..which by law, he must do FREE...did I sabotage my tooth so I could Pay him for something legit--making up for the freebie?? Gasping Guilt-o-rama I suggestible?

3. I get super scary heart palpitations on Thursday,frightening, nearly went to hospital...obviously too much caffeine AND highly spiced food, induced a gas attack...not to TOOT my own horn...oh wait,it tooted itself..but I did all the 'what if this is only GAS' options to save the embarrassment of being ambulanced just for Farts !

4. My bad shoulder gets Bad again..but, I think it's just temporary and vow to bench anyway...did little chiro exercises I've learned.

5. I have cabin fever over the meets I've missed...and had stress over missing the Pasco meet...strange ...almost a guilt thing about not being able to get to Gus' meet after talking to him about it coupla weeks ago.

6. My car door sticks in the 'open' position...and I spend 15 minutes trying to not FORCE it shut..yes, I was LATE for something...and the door is closed now but I open it very lightly not to be driving with a "pedestrian plow" on the passengers side.

Now how could ANY of that B.S. cause me to either work out poorly or skip the gym?? I dunno, but it did dampen my attitude last also helped that the weather Thur Fri Sat was grey and, tomorrow is a new day, and time for new resolve in training...and paying less attention to excuses to slack..see I wrote it here I have to do it..


The USAPL Washington State meet on the 10th of March was a great one according to Richard Schuller--he said there were 72 lifters in one day..and there were some special awards, and Hall of Fame inductee's for Washington State...Priscilla Ribic was athlete of the year from Washington State (AMEN TO THAT !!!!)
and some inductees to the Hall of Fame (from memory here) Willie Austin,Roger Silva,Garrielle Keeble,Chris Greckoff,Martin Beavers and Yueh Chun Chang !! those Hall of famers will be on a board to elect next years group...I understand USAPL President Larry Maile was at this meet too..our BC team had the pleasure of meeting him in's great to see the highest executive of USAPL come to the Grassroots meets !
encouraging for the lifters !


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