Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do Re Mi FATSO la de dah !

Today was light bench day--but,as I do some days,I switched the way I did it..today, no bands 315X3 reps for 8 sets with the fastest speed I could get on the bar..I'll be honest, only 4 sets went ballistic..the first 4 sets were 3 secs each like they should be..but only when I got to set 5, did they take off and go rocket fast, my visual cue was remembering the way Ryan Kennelly does his 3 plate benches..alot like an EMPTY bar...that's what I wanted out of the lifts..that FAST 4 sets didn't go like his but they were VERY fast and felt effective..then I did 2 sets of 2 reps ea. with 335 and 355 --they were still fast n' easy too..

What's with the title?

I'm sposed to be doing squats n' deads in the gym in prep for the CPO national's..but my gear is too uncomfortable at my present weight (Fatso) so I'm taking a cavalier attitude on those lifts (La De Dah) thinking that if I alternate raw rack pulls and reverse band deads I can build a base to getting my lifts ready for WHEN the gear fits AND in time for a month's training..so today, rather than get in a squat suit...or squat raw..I leg pressed...that is a hint to my tree stumps to get ready cuz squats WILL be happnin soon..in leg presses today I did 10 sets of 8 plates a side for 3 reps each...these I tried to do very fast too..AND they were very deep...I was proud to BREAK the gym tradition of loading 14 plates on the machine and doing ONE INCH reps...doncha just KNOW when someone is going to do that??
...today I was hoping people were watching with the thought that I'd do 2 ton toe raises..and at last moment actually DO a leg press...sometimes I'm just no fun...


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