Sunday, April 15, 2007

450 floor/512 reverse band

I did a productive heavy day yesterday,as you've read in the past,I do pin presses on the heavy days that I'm not using a bench press yesterday, I did my usual presses from the safety bars in Nancy's squat rack..starting with countless reps with 135 and 225 to warm up--
then I did 4 X 315
2 X 424
The 450 was tough and even tho "5" work reps shouldn't be taxing ..I got a good burn in the triceps...
I put on the small purple bands (reverse band mode) and went..
424 X 6
462 X 2
while the 512 was on,I decided to switch, and do rack pulls (DL work) so I did one rep,another, then stood on a 45 pound plate to increase the length of the pull and did 2's for 3 sets..with very little rest !
that tightened my back and felt like I'd done a modicum of work, the "back on" it gave me ..made me walk like a butler for a half hour, but no soreness today...all in all, this small workout felt good and indicated that I've kept my strength OR gained just a smidge on my 'floor press'

We're FAMOUS !!
The other day,the postman dropped off 2 boxes of POWERLIFTING USA Magazines, the March issue...with a really colorful many page extravaganza on the WABDL Worlds...normally when Mike Lambert is nice enough to surprise me with a stack o''s because I've gotten my picture in the issue..this time I combed the WABDL Report and I wasn't photo'd or mentioned in the 512 bench in the meet was listed in the results under "R.Smith" found it with my then I wondered why the nice surprise from Mike??
--AHA !!! Page 61--"Team Canada" it says and shows Mark Vezina--A very goofy looking me--Nancy and Jody..right next to the USAPL Issaquah,Wa. meet where I broke the American Record with a teeny tiny 470 the only puzzlement was why does it say "Thanks to Robert O. Smith for sending the picture" OH NO!! OLD TIMERS Disease...I dont remember sending it...what's wrong with my memory....Later when I spoke to Jody Cranston on the phone he said..."Yeah I just had to send that photo really showed good IPF cross border cooperation !" SO Jody sent it in !!!AHA !
and I'm not really a candidate for the plastic brain surgeon..and his memory enhancing silicone implant !! whew !

"Jughead had the Operation"


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