Saturday, April 07, 2007

551 for 2 singles !!

Well,kinda !!
I was arching up to the bar on the first one, and my spotter Bruce said it didn't quite touch,from HIS angle...a "1 board" (camera is more forgiving,deceptive)

2nd one touched, and came to the top after slowing down just a bit at the top --notice,Bruce puts his hand around the bar but does not pull on it,as I yell "I got it" he does help me back into the rack after my little self the other lift I say the "poop" word at the end...Tourette Syndrome anyone??

click on the TITLE to view the 2 singles

551 BP-gym lift

Today was Heavy day with the shirt and these two workout singles were encouraging..the next step is to get more of a pause and a more solid evident lockout to make these 'fly' as real lifts in a meet (my next is WABDL Great Northern in Olympia,June 9th) so I'm happy that these run thru's were so close !!

The workout for me was 255 X 8 308X3 330 350
shirt (50 Katana)
440 462 no touch
551 (lift 1 in video)
551 good (lift 2 in video)

I did some more work with reverse bands,fast reps,5's or so (with varied weight 440 to 462)
good solid workout..
Bruce had a good workout,mostly heavy bench maintenance.

Nancy finally has gotten used to using a high tech shirt and was in a Titan F6--her weights got to the 2 board height (without using boards) and rocketed back up..she hit PR's not only in poundages but in bar speed..I see her breaking all her PR's by huge amounts and very soon !

BTW --the bar in the Video is not 700 pounds --it just looks like it..4 of the big plates are small weight bumpers,from Nancy's olympic lifting days.


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