Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heavy Go lightly !

At the last minute before leaving for Nancy's gym,I realized I've been doing lots of "Max" tests for my optimum meet goal...dress rehearsals of 550--getting used to having that heavy of a weight above me etc. 3 good run thru singles in total, over a month or so.

So, I grabbed an OLD loose FURY (NXG- BEFORE THE PLUS) and decided to do singles in the low range of 'heavy' the old 2 steps forward --1 step back method of days gone by...2 weeks ago, you saw my video of 550 for 2 very iffy (but encouraging to ME )attempts at that today I wanted 6 perfect pause singles in a shirt that gave me nuttin BUT protection..but no magic ZING here !

I started with 225 330 and 350 + 350 to warm up...put the shirt on and went for
a perfect long pause 407 + 424+ 429+ 429+ 435 and 440 --all went fast and true with exaggerated pauses and long locks and holds..

When the team went to reverse bands I kept doing which ever weight Bruce would do but WITHOUT shirt and BANDS for 308 X 3 330 + 360 + 360..finally I put the Bands on and did 440 X 4 462 X 2 and 507 for one...that was it...good feeling workout and one that refreshed me from the usual strain of waking up every 2 Saturday's and wondering if I was going to crash n' burn under some ungodly this heavy workout I call a rest...I'll be back in "Torture Bob" mode in 2 weeks from now !!

Oh yeah, Nancy got a RAW PR today...she was our 'little Hercules today'
(movie line)


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