Thursday, April 19, 2007

Light ones and PWR news !

Tuesday I did a light day with the speed bands,important to progress,but boring to read about..let's get it over with...

225 X 4 X 2 (reps/sets)
275 X 4 X 4
315 X 3 X 3
no shirt (of course) Fast as the lifts,altho marginally heavy could go...

NEWS !!!

Priscilla Ribic pulls an IPF World Record beating Deadlift in exhibition, 555 lbs at 148
Priscilla is in 'Faces in the Crowd' in Sports Illustrated mag and online..once again helping the public view Powerlifting in a sane -drug free and powerful way !! see more by clicking on the Powerlifting Watch web link to the side here.

Randy Patterson has triple bypass..and according to last reports from his son, Randy is recovering well...this is ONE powerful and amazing lifter..he hit 705 @ 58 years old in WABDL he is always good for over 600 at 59..a nice man..he's even given ME bench press tips..and that was just upon meeting him for the first time..We're wishing for a full and speedy recovery for Randy.

AND Pete Alaniz SENIOR is recovering in Hospital in Texas..the USAPL unofficial forum has updates on his condition and a thread to wish him well...Pete Junior has helped us all in our quests for higher numbers with his TITAN lifting gear..they are a great family..many people are praying for Pete Senior..Larry Maile's last update had Pete fighting hard against some bad complications..I'm hoping Pete is well soon!

When last mentioning my buggy eyed picture (YUCK--I look like my Walter Wart the freaky frog character) in PL USA --I forgot to mention that Jody Cranston in that same picture ..pulled a great 570 Deadlift that day in the meet that would put him half way up the PL USA top 100 list for last year..and when you count drug free 25..and Jody is good for more...he's done 590 and wants to break 600 this year !

Why am I so close to getting 550 in a meet lately?? great training?? nope...not getting on a scale in a long time! ...GAWD, I bet I weigh a ton...and my bench always goes up (DUH? doesn't everyone's) when I gain when I get back down to my competitive weight..I'm sure the 550 wont be so easy...looks like I'm not that close yet until I de-pork....I'm going to "Atkins" for 2 weeks BEFORE I weigh..."I cant HANDLE the truth"

on an uplifting note...the usually vicious malcontents, at GO HEAVY dot com...really surprised me yesterday...some newbie asked a question about "True Form" in the bench press...asking whether or not you could be considered legit if you DIDN'T touch your chest(like people in the gym who bench the bar 8 inches FROM their chests)...rather than tearing this guy a new "sit crevice" as they normally would..they actually answered his question in a correct and civil manner..
personally,if I ever find out who originated the teaching that you DONT touch your chest in a gym BP...I think I'll YELL at him til his face melts !

however,I think a dock worker in Vancouver,named Linda..had the true best solution for women who dont want to 'tap their nummies' during the bench...she sewed metal salad bowls into her bra and benched to them

when I told her I thought she had a 'good invention'..she thought I was being sarcastic and nearly decked me.
...clack clack clack....
....."Hey,everyone Linda's in the house"...clack clack ONE MORE !!...clack !


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