Sunday, April 29, 2007

535 reverse band-floor presses !

Heavy pin/floor presses for Bench strength on Saturday,as is usual,no bench shirt...I Did warm ups with lots of speed on the bar..and was using Nancy's kilo plates so as I added up the warm ups, I got confused mixing and matching pound and kilo plates ...after warmups with 225 and 330--I went 374 for 4 --then 2 very hard 400's --Nancy pointed out they were hard because they were 424 NOT 400--then I did 435..these were single, I had to my credit,at that point 4 heavy sets..I decided to do 446--and go back down to 424 for 3 more singles ..then I did another 435...Then on went the reverse bands and I did 507 for 3 for 2 sets then a single with 534 then a 518..and that was the workout..

I discussed with Nancy ..that it's about time for us to plan our Olympia meet strategy..I have a few goals I'd like..getting BACK into my weight class,and getting a 534-540-or 550 OFFICIAL WABDL World bench record (breaking my own 530)..recent workouts show that to be possible..I might tack on the deadlift too,altho,I'm training that only lightly and cautiously...

Nancy has gotten some very good recent workouts in with her TITAN shirt..til now she'd only been able to manipulate some INZERS (Phenom+EHDHP)..NOW with the Fury and F6 finally crystalizing..she might be able to blow away her own previous WABDL Canadian records...and by surprising margins..the meet is June 9th,and is now one of our favorite WABDL events of the year.


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