Saturday, May 05, 2007

Buffering FEAR !

Today was another HEAVY Bench Press workout in the competition shirt...when contemplating ONE person handing off and saving me from 550 pounds,the butterflies can 'flutter atomic' in the few hours before the workout,it goes without saying in a meet you have 3 or 4 guys helping you with lift off and any necessary life saving maneuvers...but when you have just one guy..and an ever increasing amount on the bar--ya cant help but wonder when will it slip from your grip (bar rolling forward )or when will my bench press shirt be so resistant that it stays..but my arms snap off ??


Ya cant think like that !! You know,the Intention/Secret/positive thought/quantum physics,frame of mind...'what you bring to you'...that everyone talks about nowadays?
much like in the old days..Norman Vincent Peale--with a 2007 'POV'

If I keep think of wearing a 550 pound iron moustasche one day...I will !

So, I'd better get the dread outta my head...and today I did ..this is the 4th time I've tackled 550 with just my friend Bruce Everett handing the weight off for me (the tall trim guy you see in my workout videos) I've gotten loose lifts that wouldn't pass strict judging on 2 occasions --one awhile back that only grazed the shirt and didn't pause...and today's work with that weight..

Today, I did a shirted 507 -529 and one -550 that went up well but had an 'iffy touch'
( an invisible HALF board?)
BUT, got me in better control of my fear of heavy weights with only ONE helper..I think this is one step closer to getting ready for a 550 success in a meet, a month til WABDL Great Northern ! and if all goes well, I could get it !

The rest of the workout had some RAW Heavies in the 350 range an easy reverse band with 507 and lotsa reps...Bruce,Nancy and I all worked to our peak strength and endurance today!

I would've been lifting in the CPO National's today in Toronto...I wouldn't have been really ready for the 3 lift...but I bet my bench woulda been somewhere in geezer World Record land !

I hope Tony Tomra lets us know more of the scoop on the CPO Highlights when he gets home !
He lifts tomorrow...and, as you might've read, has had an impossible work/school/sleep/training schedule..but if anyone can bring home the gold it's Tony !!


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